How Do You Know If A Dual Diagnosis Program is For You?

While addiction is one of the most pressing issues affecting countless individuals and families across the country, it’s far from the only problem. People who develop issues with drug abuse, [...]

How to Quit Using Meth

When wanting to quit meth, it’s best to seek treatment form an addiction treatment program. A structured program can help manage the cravings that come with quitting this substance. Effects of [...]

Why You Should Travel Out Of State For Addiction Treatment

Should you stay or should you go further away? When choosing a treatment facility, you need to consider whether it has what you need, whether it takes insurance, and where it is located, among [...]

Finally Ready To Give Up Opioids? You Need To Read This.

Not everyone who uses it becomes addicted to heroin, but when some is addicted, it can be dangerous to try to stop without help. Withdrawal can be both physical and psychological, making it [...]

Want To Quit Cocaine? Here’s How

Can You Quit Cocaine on Your Own? Cocaine addiction is highly addictive and difficult to deal with in addition to being expensive, causing many to lean towards illegal actions and financial ruin. [...]

How Does Addiction Affect The Brain

Out of Sight, Out of Mind Unless you are in the medical profession and had the opportunity to see an autopsy you have no idea what drug addiction such as smoking, drugs, and alcohol do the human [...]

Substance Abuse and Depression

Substance abuse and depression often go hand in hand. Someone that is struggling with depression may self-medicate with substance abuse in times when they cannot, or do not get the proper care. [...]

The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs have increased in popularity among teens and college students. They come from foreign countries and contain chemicals and substances that have not been tested. Often they are sold [...]

The 10 Most Dangerous Drugs In America

The impact of drug and substance abuse on the young people of America is becoming more and more alarming every year. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 64,000 people [...]

How to Find the Best Rehabs in America

Whether you have an alcohol abuse disorder or a drug addiction, recognizing that you have an addiction is a big step. Once this realization is made, the next steps may seem confusing, challenging [...]

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