We Continue Caring Long After You Leave Us

The Continue Rising Aftercare Program™

Learn more about the Rise in Malibu Continue Rising Aftercare plan, a uniquely crafted plan which focuses on relapse prevention and continued work, even after you leave our program.

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Successful, sustainable recovery requires systems to help support and maintain the tools, new understanding, and motivations for recovery that each client has acquired and committed to while in residential treatment.  Our Continue Rising Aftercare Program was built to acknowledge and address the immediate tenuous nature of one’s return to their life subsequent to residential treatment, knowing full well the increased triggers and relapse behaviors often occur in the first 3 months at home.  

Preparation begins in the third week of treatment and will include the following:

  • Housing plans defined: returning home or sober living.
  • Transportation plans: to and from the airport, arranging transportation for immediate pickup after arrival.
  • Arranging for intensive outpatient care: reviewing administrative costs, insurance coverage, out of pocket costs.
  • Community support: 12-Step meeting schedule, SMART recovery meeting schedule.
  • Case Management:  weekly follow-up for the first month, bi-weekly during the second month.

The most authentic, genuine, committed individuals in treatment will find that the gains made in residential care will diminish over time without regular support, reinforcement and accountability to their continued plans after their residential treatment is discontinued and it is our plan to minimize the diminishing returns through structured aftercare follow up.

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In that regard, given the evidence in the relapse prevention research that 1) emotional upset due to family or significant other interaction combined with 2) proximity to the substance of abuse, together comprise 50% of all reported relapse triggering events, Rise in Malibu views family/couples therapy both while in residence and continuing in their outpatient therapy as absolutely necessary, but not in itself sufficient for success. The goal in the family becomes not removing the family member who is drinking/using in order to function better, but to remove the substance from the system;  their participation in this regard is required in helping to produce any success in treatment. What is also needed is the acquisition of new strategies for stress reduction and anger management, interpersonal conflict resolution, understanding the neurobiological basis of addictive behavior and the benefits of anti-craving medications, resolution of trauma, and re-establishing the presence personal coping resources and the supportive activities of daily living and personal hobbies and interests in one’s life.

What Rise in Malibu aims to achieve with each client is a cognitive shift from the typical mindset of “I can’t drink/use anymore” and the sense of loss (and entitlement and righteous indignation) one typically feels in this regard to “I am so grateful that I never have to drink/use again.”

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