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Get Clean & Sober at Rise in Malibu

Rise in Malibu has holistic, traditional & modern treatment methods that treat your mind, body, and spirit in a beautifully serene and secluded environment. When you enter our inpatient rehab program in Malibu, you can expect world-class treatment, luxurious accommodations and a staff that will become an intricate part of your recovery.

Seeking assistance for a substance abuse issue can evoke feelings of apprehension. Our dedicated admissions team will work with you to ensure that your treatment experience is both comfortable and individualized to your needs as a client.

A True Dual-Diagnosis Program

Many who enter treatment are also battling underlying co-occurring mental health issues which can at times be the root cause of their substance abuse. Rise in Malibu offers all clients a dual-diagnosis treatment plan that addresses both substance abuse and mental health issues like trauma, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other affective disorders. We assess each client in order to provide clients with the treatment needed for sustainable, long-term recovery.

Highest-Level of Care

Rise in Malibu utilizes among the most robust treatment teams in the industry. This includes a Doctorate level primary therapist, a Masters level Case manager, a triple board-certified medical doctor, and a psychiatrist as well as 24-hour nursing.

Private Rooms & Individualized Treatment

Rise provides clients with a private room with their own bathroom. By enjoying the comforts of your own private suite, you will have a more pleasant treatment experience. The pressure of co-existing with a roommate can take focus away from your experience. The foundation of the private treatment experience is to provide each client with a sanctuary of sorts; one can re-group, work through and solidify the clinical work that they do every day. Being able to process one-on-one or family therapy in a private space is essential to success in treatment.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Near Me
  • Joint Commission Accredited Facility
  • Highly-experienced staff
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • A full continuum of care
  • Innovative therapies
  • Secluded luxurious housing
  • Legit Script Verified Facility
  • 12 Steps, SMART Recovery, &  Refuge Recovery community support.
  • Medication-Assisted Therapy available per clinical team.
  • Breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sober activities and outings
  • Private rooms & more amenities.

We Accept Most Major PPO Insurance

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Learn more about the different drug & alcohol treatment and services offered at Rise in Malibu, a treatment center for drug & alcohol addiction recovery in Malibu, California. We believe in your recovery, so make the investment with us.


Explore the signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and how the treatment program at Rise in Malibu can help you treat the core issues that led to addiction. Keep reading to find out how addiction can affect your life, and how our drug rehab can help.


Why should you choose Rise in Malibu? We’ve walked in your shoes. The time you spend at Rise in Malibu will truly be about you. We have assembled a staff that utilizes treatments that actually work. Learn more about why Rise in Malibu is your best choice.

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Why Choose Rise in Malibu?

We know that when it comes to choosing a drug rehab facility in Malibu, you certainly have a lot of choices, but we believe Rise in Malibu is your top choice.

We’ve assembled top professionals from around the country who are passionate about treating addiction. Our innovative treatment program combines modern, holistic and traditional methods in order to treat your mind, body & spirit in overcoming substance abuse for good.

A Few Words From Our Clients

  • Rise in Malibu, was the perfect solution for me. It was the delicate balance/mix of tough love and empathy in a non-judgmental forum that sets Rise apart. My relationships with the staff members became as equally important and intertwined as my relationships with the other members of the house. This unique mix created a safe and supportive environment that was so important and needed as I prepared to pick myself up from “my bottom”. As reluctant as I was to leave such a formative place I knew I was leaving with supportive relationships, renewed strength, and a skill set that if applied correctly will last me a lifetime in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Rise in Malibu!

    Rise Alumni
  • Rise Malibu was one of the best experiences of my life even more than just for addiction and recovery! The facility felt like I was living in my own home! The staff was the best I have ever been around! They are family now! The program part of Rise was very helpful for me and exactly what I needed to get me back to the man I want to be! Thank you is what you say to people who hold the door open for you, but saying thank you to Rise is not enough because this place gave me back my life and gave me a life worth living for!!  I’m forever grateful for Rise!

    Brett D. Alumni
  • This place was a Godsend. Dr. Mark and the staff are professional, caring, and made my family member's time there an amazing experience. The facility and grounds are the best I've seen. A true island in the storm of addiction recovery. Highly recommend.

    Jennifer E. Family Member
  • Coming to rise was a life-changing experience. This was my first time at an inpatient program and it couldn't have gone better. Dr. Mark, the staff onsite (Sherri, Kimmy, Kendall, Itachi (David/Dave), Jeff, Billy, Shane, and Andrea), and even the chef (Alma) created an incredibly comforting environment and you can tell they personally care about your recovery. I left Rise in Malibu with not only a new outlook on my life and ability to overcome my addiction but also with great memories with the staff and other clients. The beautiful house in Malibu overlooking the Pacific wasn't half bad either.

    Austin R. Alumni
  • I chose Rise in Malibu to help me overcome a 24-year addiction. Dr. Mark and staff helped me learn the tools I needed to address not only this situation but others in my life. I felt like I was with family during my stay at Rise in Malibu. My Room was comfortable, I had a beautiful ocean view. The Chefs were excellent, and really listened to what I liked to eat. On the weekends they allowed us to go out and experience the world, as sober individuals(with staff).. which allowed me to gain confidence. I have made lifelong friends during my stay. This was a positive experience I will always remember.

    Martha S. Alumni
  • I would say that I came in here with the feeling of complete hopelessness and completely broken, almost as if I was on island alone. I have attempted to get sober before and have been to many different treatment programs and I have gotten more from my experience here than I could have ever imagined to be possible, with the support and intimate nature with the other clients here, the staff and the intensive therapy with the clinical team. I felt that I was able to have enough time to process all my hardships and it has been a freeing experience for me. I was able to drop the backpack of pain I’ve been carrying for years and I have a new outlook on life, and I don’t feel trapped or enslaved to my alcoholism. I have been introduced to a solution such as meetings and therapy. Rise in Malibu has put me back together piece by piece, I feel like a miracle within myself has occurred and I have a new sense of hope for my life and future. Rise in Malibu showed me my strength and through the support and encouragement from staff and clinical team I have found myself; with this improved version of myself I feel hopeful and ready to live a fulfilling life.

    Bradley P. Alumni
  • I have been to other high-end treatment centers and they simply do not compare to Rise in Malibu. While the grounds, house, rooms, food, and amenities are fantastic, this is not a "spa". The program is very rigorous and individual therapy sessions and groups are intensive. I was exhausted at week's end - in a good way. Others claim to get at the root causes of your addiction, but Rise actually "walks the walk". Through my work/time with the professionals at Rise, I feel as though I have finally broken through and truly understand the root causes of my addiction. From the Lead Therapist/Clinical Director, Owner, and Staff, the team at Rise is exceptional. If you are considering a high end, rigorous program for you or a loved one,  I would highly recommend Rise in Malibu.

  • Thank you Rise! This is a wonderful facility for helping with addiction and self-realization. The staff is just great. Compassionate and warm and they truly care about you. The regime is intense Monday-Friday but also very rewarding. The weekends are fun as they do take you shopping and on excursions. The Whale watching was a blast! So you do get breaks. I learned so much about myself and the reasons for my addiction. They also helped me to deal with the death of my sister 3 years ago that started my downward spiral. I can finally let go of her and start living again as she would have wanted me to. I have never felt so fit, strong, and sure about my future and my health. I was given a gift that I will spend the rest of my life repaying by being the best I can be. If you have addictions and really want help, give Rise a chance as you will not regret it. The grounds are beautiful and peaceful, the rooms very lux, the view of the ocean gorgeous and the food prepared by chefs are amazing! Chef Michael thanks for all the blueberry treats! Especially the scones! Thank you all for giving me back my zest for life and living! I will never forget you!

    C. Morse
  • Rise in Malibu changed my life. The staff, the doctors and the facility is top-notch. I was an addict in desperate need of help and I graduated from Rise with the tools and confidence to take on my sobriety and live a positive, happy and fulfilled life.

  • Where do I begin? When there are so many special things about Rise, to talk about. When asked by my sweet and smart Kimmi, “ What was my most useful part of the Rise program?" It was a tough decision, but I valued the EMDR sessions with April the most. It allowed me to dig really deep inside myself and recognize the root cause and contributors to my addition. Dr. Mark was instrumental in my recovery and Hands down the coolest therapist on this planet. During my 30 day journey.......  I discovered and learned so much about my addiction and what triggered me to consume large quantities of alcohol and the tools I required in order to cope with it during my aftercare plan. The owners Patrick and Ron were very hands-on and truly care about your recovery. As of today I’m 41 days sober and feeling stronger every day. The facility and accommodations are top “shelf” lol pun intended. But that’s just the cherry on top and reward for the intense regiment of sessions and reprogramming of my own outlook on my alcoholism. I feel really blessed and honored to have met so many wonderful people at RISE Malibu. I can honestly say that they saved my relationship, my family and my life. I will forever remember my extended family and life long friends at RISE. If you are ready to quit your addiction, I highly recommend this program.

    Rob L.
  • I look back at my experience at Rise in February 2019 and have come to realize that it truly changed and saved my life. I have six months in sobriety currently with a bright outlook and I am grateful to Rise and the Staff. Rise Staff treats its clients with dignity and compassion, and to be honest, are fun to be around. The daily activates are rigorously designed to address the root cause of clients' addiction and to develop a plan for long term sobriety after leaving Rise, which from a personal perspective has been a difference maker. The daily meals, location and accommodations are the best, and for those interested in physical exercise, Rise has a gym membership to a local club which I found to be a key piece of my recovery. For those who choose to participate in AA, NA or spiritual therapy, Rise is very accommodative but does not push any sort of agenda. If you are in need of treatment I cannot imagine a more serene, effective and comfortable experience to begin your journey in long term sobriety.

    William L.
  • I landed at Rise in Malibu after alarming and disappointing intake experiences at two other treatment facilities in California. If you're reading these reviews, it's possible that you're experiencing uncertainty and skepticism about the claimed quality of the many "luxury" treatment facilities in the Malibu and Southern CA region. I certainly found myself frantically trying to sort through the bullshit, while also balancing financial considerations and treatment needs. My alcoholism is driven by traumatic experiences, both current and prior. Therefore, I was in need of a recovery center that could address both my substance dependency AND the underlying drivers of my unhealthy behavior. Rise in Malibu far exceeded my expectations of what a dual-diagnosis facility could offer. I think that they're arguably the exemplar program for dual-diagnosis treatment, offering 1:1 psychotherapy treatments 4x a week in addition to group sessions and holistic treatments. I greatly benefited from EMDR sessions with April and will continue to pursue this therapeutic approach at home. April is a brilliant practitioner that guided me through major breakthroughs in PTSD therapy within a short amount of time. Dr. Mark is a kind, responsive, and talented clinical director. The staff and case managers at Rise allowed me to feel safe, cared for, challenged, and loved. This place became my home, an important haven for me during a deeply painful period in my life. I feel forever indebted to Ron for taking an hour to chat with me over a weekend when I was frantically calling treatment centers, and for getting me to Rise when I landed at a place in Malibu that was an awful fit. Rise in Malibu is well worth of the out-of-pocket investment I made in addition to my insurance coverage. The robust treatment program gave me the tools and support I need to do the hard work of mitigating the suffering that addiction caused in my life and the lives of those I love.

    Rise Alumni
  • For me, it was seamless getting to Rise starting with Ron and talking to him multiple times before coming, to getting off my flight and being picked up by Sharie and walking through the door and being introduced to everyone. The doctors and nurses were helpful and listened and attended to how I was feeling. The chefs are fantastic and there are always plenty of options. The one on one therapy 3 times a week, the other individuals like the EMDR were extremely helpful. The holistic peace of the program was important to me and it was fantastic. The group sessions were informative and the other peers in the house when in groups, contributed and were involved. Everyone was great, accommodating, kind, listened to my needs and went out of their way to meet them. I didn't know what to expect coming to treatment and this was my first experience and it exceeded my expectations. I honestly feel that everyone should come to Rise in Malibu, learn about yourself, meet cool people and have a fun experience.

    Rise Alumni
  • Overall, Rise has been an amazing experience for me. I have gotten everything I wanted out of this program, and it has been the most comfortable experience I could have asked for. The staff is amazing, the clients are well-vetted, and I haven't met someone I don't get along with here. The food is incredible and it’s an impeccable house with an amazing view and amenities. I would highly recommend Rise to anyone seeking treatment because it’s the best you can get in my opinion.

    Rise Alumni
  • Thank you to Rise in Malibu for a compassionate nonjudgmental atmosphere of growth and rehabilitation. I appreciate the creative nutritional meals provided by your chefs and the healing aspects of the grounds surrounding your facility. I have gained a plethora of coping skills and will approach the next 40 years of my life with expectations of sobriety and success. I appreciate the care you have taken to find the most talented staff in Southern California.

    Rise Alumni
  • The owner is on top of the treatment here, helping us to feel safe and considered during the pandemic. He put in a lot of effort and a great deal of time with the clients and staff to be in the process of explaining the changes to our treatment, and what to accustom to ourselves when we leave treatment. The staff are all very dedicated, and their passion toward treating addiction is very evident.
    Rise Alumni
  • My treatment felt collaborative from the start. The treatment staff slowly became more akin to family while living at Rise and receiving treatment. I approached the various components of treatment with an open heart, receiving encouragement at every point, and with the personal understanding that I could ease my way through this stay with the knowledge and wisdom of the treatment team to oversee my needs. The level of care is unmatched. The facility is beautiful and conducive to care for yourself and find ways to personally enrich my own life. None of what I experienced here has felt like work, it has felt like a joyous learning experience.
    Rise Alumni
  • After failing multiple times from prior treatment experiences, Rise was here to help pick me back up. From the initial phone call with the admissions department up until the time I walked through the front door, someone from Rise was there holding my hand the entire way. Once admitted I went through the detox process, which staff was very attentive to ensure my safety and comfort. I realized after detox how broken and beat up I really was, alcohol had taken me to a level of self-hate I had not experienced before, and felt like I was already dead. I didn't love myself, wasn't caring for myself, and wasn't even able to get myself to eat but through the course of my 30 days what I found is that when I wasn't able to love myself, the staff at Rise was here to love me and teach me how to love myself. I learned how to self-nurture and attend to self-care with a well balanced diet, exercise routine, mindfulness skills. The facility has excellent staff to client ratio, with many one on one sessions as well as a cohesive intimate peer group. The setting and environment allowed for me to feel safe enough to make myself vulnerable and begin to heal. It is hard for me to put into words my experience at Rise, but I don't think I would have been able to heal anywhere else but here. I am leaving Rise filled with faith, hope and love, with a solid aftercare plan and variety of tools that will help foster my goal of long-term recovery.
    Rise Alumni
  • Phenomenal facility, unbelievably dedicated staff who really care about the clients. The ratio of clients to staff is very intimate, 6 clients to 25 staff. The staff is extremely dedicated to seeing clients succeed, while also providing a fun atmosphere. Phenomenal treatment with your clinical team while you're here, and a thorough aftercare plan is developed prior to leaving to prepare you for re-entry into the real world. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone struggling with alcoholism or addiction.
    Rise Alumni
  • From the moment you walk in the door you are well taken care of by a professional family orientated staff. They do everything within their power to make you feel at home and put your needs as a priority throughout your entire stay. Giving you tools and expertise that should benefit you from the moment you walk out the door. This program is intimate and individualized enough to benefit a variety of people. Ps. the staff and cooks rocks!!
    Rise Alumni
  • My experience at Rise was like being at home away from home. I benefited from the physical mental and spiritual approach to the program. Rise was worth the investment and I feel like the product has led me to feel excited about life while also allowing me to find my true self. Without Rise I don't know where I would be.
    Rise Alumni
  • I found this was a well kept gem in the Malibu area where I have been to three prior rehabs and I received the most out of this one and it was worth every dollar spent. I would stay 90 if necessary. If you or someone you know are suffering from addiction you should come here! Where others I felt I was a dollar sign I felt like I had an identity and wasn't just a case number. The ethical practice in rehab can be frustrating. I found their transparency to be key. The holistic side I highly enjoyed and have found it very rare that eastern and western philosophies can integrate in an effective way. The Malibu breeze is waiting.
    Rise Alumni
  • After numerous failed attempts in rehab, this one was effective. The treatment plan here is very conducive for long term recovery. This place focuses on more than addiction, which is something I didn't find in my other rehab stints. The staff here is like a family, which is good for treatment, the facility is gorgeous, and the owners communicate and are present with clients who add such a meaningful and personable experience to client care. With unobstructed, crystal views and frog noises during the evenings, the home is quiet, and the setting is magnificent.
    Rise Alumni
  • Rise is a first class treatment facility and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction. Working with a team of true professionals I was able to build a strong foundation for future sobriety. The facility and location in Malibu can't be beat.
    Rise Alumni
  • Rise is exceptional. The quality of clinicians and staff is outstanding , the massage, reiki and personal training just add to the experience. The house is beautiful, clean and private. The food is delicious and healthy and the nursing staff is very knowledgeable and kind. The intimacy creates a family atmosphere, second to none I would recommend Rise to my closest friends and family, they are the real deal.
    Rise Alumni
  • Really and truly, I honestly feel in my heart that if you want to find the source that will give you all of the tools to fight addiction and alcoholism, this is the absolute best place to come...PERIOD!
    Rise Alumni
  • I would recommend Rise all day long. The staff at Rise are the most genuine, passionate and caring individuals that took care of me in an extreme time of need. In addition to the staff, the facility is top notch and you are allowed to live like a normal person. I have seen many therapists in my life but never one as passionate and effective as Dr. Mark. In addition to the treatment of my issues with substances, I found the holistic treatment and the option to attend to my physical health to be an extremely positive aspect of my stay at Rise. The food, the scenery, and the program are all fantastic. My overall experience at Rise is a 12 out of 10. If I had a friend or family member that needed a place to go, there is nowhere else I would recommend, because Rise saved my life.
    Rise Alumni
  • Rise is a special place. For my first experience in treatment I could not have asked for a more gentle and accepting experience. The staff, both doctors and operators, have no weak link, and one finds that the days pass quickly from the care and efficiency with which the facility is managed. I have been tee'd up for so much more than triumph over my addiction; I feel a new lease on life and feel more in tune with myself than I ever thought possible.
    Rise Alumni
  • My experience at Rise was a true and meaningful experience. The knowledge and insight I have gained in myself has only allowed me to grow into the person I had hoped and struggled to find. Having the knowledge presented to me in a thoughtful, careful, meaningful way by staff, only adds to the positive outcome I have experienced. Finding values to live by; truth, integrity and kindness shall be the basis to which I move forward in my recovery. I want to thank the wonderful staff at Rise for believing in me and caring for me. Thank you.
    Rise Alumni
  • The staff, clinicians, and everyone here will make you feel like you're a part of the team. They listen really well and help you to understand the reasons for the problems you may be facing, one part of developing a solution and a treatment plan together. This is a beautiful place with an awesome view, but the team and the clients that I've met here are what really make this place awesome, it is actually the people that make the experience.
    Rise Alumni
  • Rise is an extremely solid program, the staff here are wonderful and experienced, and most importantly, they are genuine in their wanting you to succeed. The staff is genuinely interested in your success. I don't think this place could be staffed better.
    Rise Alumni
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Rise in Malibu’s drug rehab in Malibu provides a unique program that utilizes evidenced-based therapies combined with a holistic approach that aims to achieve long-term success in recovery for each client. We offer luxurious amenities at our gorgeous location just on the cliffs of Malibu, just steps away from the beach. Here at Rise in Malibu, we treat all our clients with the respect they deserve regardless of their personal situation.

Did you know that most major insurance may cover almost the entire cost of treatment? We accept most major insurance carriers who cover out of network benefits. Contact us or verify your benefits today to learn more about your insurance coverage. Take the first steps towards a new, better life. Pick up the phone and give us a call.

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When you begin the process of getting help for a drug or alcohol problem it can be overwhelming. The admissions team at Rise in Malibu can help you navigate the different paths to recovery that exist. Once you complete the initial intake process, clients will be assessed by our Doctorate-level clinicians in order to identify withdrawal symptoms, co-occurring disorders, and craft the individualized treatment plan as a guide for the client’s treatment stay.

Rise in Malibu believes that recovery is possible for anyone who seeks it. We provide each client with the tools and therapies needed in order to overcome addiction for good. Long-term, sustainable recovery is our ultimate goal. Don’t get lost in a crowd at other facilities, at Rise in Malibu your recovery is the focus.

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