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Relax. Our focus is you, the individual, not the disease. Our highly trained and experienced staff will provide you with an evidence-based and holistic experience when you enter treatment at Rise in Malibu. Our goal: your recovery.

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Rise in Malibu is a luxury, drug & alcohol treatment facility that is on a mission to help. In the midst of this substance abuse epidemic, a few great minds (and big hearts) got together to open a program that truly treats substance abuse as the mental, spiritual and emotional malady that it truly is. When it came time to begin building our treatment center team, we knew we needed the best of the best. Our clinicians and staff have been on the front lines, “walked the walk“, and continue to be an integral part of many substance abuse recoveries. Our staff has experience in traditional, clinical, and holistic modalities and bring the best of these to one beautiful facility, Rise is Malibu.

The goal of the Rise in Malibu treatment program is to teach our clients how to live life without the use of drugs & alcohol to mask their problems. We will assess your mental, physical and spiritual needs and formulate a treatment plan that works for youRise in Malibu is your top choice for substance abuse treatment. Our caring, knowledgeable staff is on a mission to help you take back your life.

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Experienced, Educated & Caring Staff

  • Patrick Mitchell Chief Executive Officer
  • Parviz Damavandi
    Parviz Damavandi Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Damon Raskin, M.D. Detox Specialist & Internist
  • Dr. Ashley Benjamin M.D. Psychiatrist, Addiction Specialist
  • Raymond Nourmand, Ph.D
    Raymond Nourmand, Ph.D Primary Therapist
  • Kim Schliekelman, CATCIV
    Kim Schliekelman, CATCIV Chief Operating Officer
  • Berkeley Davis
    Berkeley Davis Admissions Director
  • Jeff Alfir
    Jeff Alfir Operations Manager
  • Michael Pierce, LMFT
    Michael Pierce, LMFT Group Facilitator
  • Heather Everett, LMFT
    Heather Everett, LMFT Group Facilitator
  • William Schofield, CADC-I
    William Schofield, CADC-I Case Manager/Aftercare Coordinator
  • Erin Smith, RN
    Erin Smith, RN Head Nurse
  • Jose Gonzalez, LVN
    Jose Gonzalez, LVN Nurse
  • Cristian Garcia, LVN
    Cristian Garcia, LVN Nurse
  • Cat Macary
    Cat Macary Yoga/Breathwork
  • Spencer Scotti, CATC I
    Spencer Scotti, CATC I Recovery Counselor
  • John Meeker, LAADAC
    John Meeker, LAADAC Group/Experiential Activity Facilitator
  • Beth Farar, LMFT
    Beth Farar, LMFT Group Facilitator
  • Billy Stewart CADC-I
    Billy Stewart CADC-I Group Facilitator
  • Briana Perlson, ACSW, EMDR Trained
    Briana Perlson, ACSW, EMDR Trained Spiritual & EMDR Therapist
  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell Personal Trainer
  • Lori Jasinski
    Lori Jasinski Admissions Coordinator
  • Sam Rae
    Sam Rae Massage Therapist
  • Keri Danielson, RADT
    Keri Danielson, RADT Lead Support Staff
  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts Administrative Assistant
  • Nam Ngo
    Nam Ngo Lead Support Staff
  • Angie Vasquez
    Angie Vasquez Support Staff
  • Billy Mitchell
    Billy Mitchell Support Staff
  • Drea Justiniano
    Drea Justiniano Support Staff
  • Mat Lewis
    Mat Lewis Support Staff
  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams House Manager
  • Terri Wilkinson
    Terri Wilkinson Housekeeping
  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark Chef
  • Ron Finnerman
    Ron Finnerman Owner/ Founder
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You’re Probably Asking Yourself…

Why Should I Choose Rise in Malibu?

  • We have a highly knowledgeable, professional staff with over 30+ years of combined experience dedicated to your treatment & recovery.
  • We believe in an evidence-based program with a full continuum of care, meaning after you leave us, we don’t give up on your recovery.
  • Rise in Malibu offers a unique approach to addiction treatment mixed with clinical, traditional and holistic methods and therapies.
  • We offer a small, intimate 6-bed individualized program located in the backdrop of views of the Pacific.
  • At the end of the day, your success is our success. Our goal is sustainable long-term recovery for every client.
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