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Find the best drug detox in Malibu at Rise in Malibu. Our luxury program offers you an personalized experience in addiction treatment. Find lasting recovery today.

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Drug detox in Malibu is a critical first step to recovery. Situated in the serenity of California’s coastline, Rise in Malibu is more than just a luxury drug rehab center; it’s a sanctuary designed to support your journey to sobriety. Blending an individualized care approach with holistic practices, our Malibu rehab center cultivates healing for your mind, body, and spirit, helping to lay the groundwork for sustained recovery.

Choosing Rise in Malibu for addiction treatment means opting for a path paved with personalized treatment plans and a robust support system. Accredited and esteemed, this facility leverages its breathtaking surroundings and expert team to enhance your recovery experience. Your detox is not just about sobriety; it’s about rejuvenating your entire being in a place of tranquility.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery at Rise in Malibu

At Rise in Malibu, the journey to recovery is rooted in a holistic approach that treats the individual as a whole. This comprehensive strategy is designed to address the complexities of dual diagnosis, where substance abuse and mental health issues intertwine. Our center provides deep healing through a variety of features and treatment approaches. 

Dual-Diagnosis Expertise

Clients receive specialized care that simultaneously tackles mental health and addiction, with a focus on managing both through a blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies. This integrated treatment is crucial for those facing conditions such as trauma, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

Accredited Care

As a facility that is Joint Commission Accredited, Rise in Malibu meets the highest industry standards, ensuring that clients receive quality care from an expert team. The staff includes Doctorate-level primary therapists, Masters-level case managers, and triple board-certified medical doctors, all working together to support your recovery journey.

Therapeutic Diversity

The treatment plan at Rise in Malibu is anything but one-size-fits-all. It includes a range of therapies such as:

  • Individual Counseling and Group Therapy for shared experiences and personal growth.
  • Mindfulness and Yoga help connect the mind and body.
  • Adventure and Animal Therapy for Experiential Healing.
  • Art and Music Therapy to express and process emotions creatively.
  • CBT and EMDR for restructuring thoughts and addressing trauma.
  • Specialized tracks for unique demographics, including adult women, men, and LGBTQ individuals.

Our facility’s serene location and luxurious amenities, including private rooms and panoramic ocean views, complement the clinical care, providing a tranquil environment conducive to healing. With a commitment to addressing the full spectrum of addiction and its underlying causes, Rise in Malibu offers hope for those seeking a path to lasting sobriety and wellness.

Luxury Accommodations for Comfortable Recovery

Your recovery journey at Rise in Malibu goes beyond receiving exceptional care; you will be enveloped in an environment that prioritizes your comfort and privacy. What distinguishes Rise in Malibu is its commitment to offering a luxury accommodation experience. Private suites boasting ocean views await each client, providing a serene sanctuary complete with a bathroom for personal reflection and relaxation. Picture waking up to the tranquil sounds of the Pacific, indulging in private meditation sessions on your seaside veranda while the vast ocean stretches before you. 

The facility doesn’t solely focus on recovery needs but also emphasizes overall well-being and enjoyment. Access to a full-service gym, a relaxing pool, therapeutic beach walks, yoga and meditation studios, and a spa supports mindfulness practices. Nutritious, chef-prepared meals tailored to specific dietary requirements ensure both body and spirit are nourished. Rise in Malibu’s accommodations are meticulously designed to promote healing, offering secluded housing with panoramic ocean vistas and sober activities offering community and enjoyment. 

An executive beach setting with additional amenities like a basketball court, private transportation, recreation rooms, and massage/acupuncture facilities enhances the holistic recovery journey. Your comfort during detox and recovery is prioritized, and Rise in Malibu’s dedication to luxury accommodations guarantees an environment conducive to healing, both physically and mentally.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At Rise Malibu, your journey to recovery is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a deeply personal path to wellness.  Our center will create a personalized drug detox treatment plan for you that includes a range of services and treatments:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: On arrival, you will undergo a thorough assessment that evaluates your mental, physical, and spiritual health. This initial step is crucial in creating a treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your well-being.
  • Diverse Treatment Programs: Rise in Malibu offers an extensive range of programs to fit your specific situation:
    • Detox & stabilization for a safe withdrawal process.
    • Specialized programs for alcohol and drug addiction treatment.
    • Focused care for trauma, chronic pain, and mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.
    • Dedicated tracks for co-occurring disorders and specific groups such as LGBTQ+ and professionals.
  • Tailored Therapeutic Approaches: Your treatment plan will include a blend of therapies best suited to your recovery, such as:
    • One-on-one sessions with doctorate-level therapists, providing up to 65 sessions per month.
    • Group support through 12 Steps, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery.
    • Medication-assisted therapy, as recommended by the clinical team.
    • Holistic therapies and engaging activities to promote a sober lifestyle.

The primary goal at Rise Malibu is to ensure you receive the most effective care for lasting recovery, combining evidence-based treatments with holistic and community therapies. With a compassionate team of experts, including a triple board-certified medical doctor and a psychiatrist, your health and recovery are in capable hands.

Support Beyond Detox

Rise Malibu goes above and beyond in its dedication to your recovery journey, extending support well beyond the initial detox phase. With a comprehensive continuum of care that includes an aftercare program recognized as one of the most intensive nationwide, you’re never alone in your pursuit of independence and sobriety. Transitioning from treatment to everyday life will encompass a range of ongoing support and resources.

At the core of Rise Malibu’s approach is the aftercare program, providing a supportive environment where you can openly share your successes and challenges. Knowing that a strong support system remains in place as you navigate independent life in recovery offers a sense of security and accountability.

Recognizing that addiction affects not only the individual but also the entire family, Rise in Malibu offers extensive services to facilitate healing together. These include family counseling sessions to address relationship dynamics, support groups for family members to connect with others facing similar challenges, and educational resources aimed at deepening understanding of addiction and effective communication strategies.

For those with co-occurring disorders, Rise in Malibu’s aftercare program continues to provide comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment, ensuring a seamless transition from intensive care within the facility to ongoing support for managing both addiction and any accompanying mental health challenges.

As you progress from the luxurious residence where detoxification is expertly managed by trained medical staff, Rise Malibu’s aftercare services are poised to guide you toward resilience and recovery. The path to wellness is within reach with many insurance plans, such as Aetna and BlueCross BlueShield, often covering treatment costs. The center’s non-judgmental, compassionate atmosphere cultivates growth, supported by testimonials from alumni who attest to the life-changing support they received.

Choosing Rise Malibu for Detox and Recovery

When considering Rise Malibu for your detox and recovery, you’re choosing a facility that stands out for its commitment to quality care and comprehensive support. Some of the core benefits of choosing Rise in Malibu for drug detox and aftercare include:

Accreditations and Verifications

Rise Malibu prides itself on being a Joint Commission Accredited Facility and a Legit Script Verified Facility, which means it adheres to the highest standards of care. These accreditations ensure the facility meets rigorous performance standards and offers safe, effective treatments.

Insurance and Financial Considerations

Understanding the financial aspects of recovery, Rise Malibu accepts most major PPO insurance plans, which can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. We also provide a complimentary insurance benefits check to help you understand your coverage details.

For those who prefer a cash payment option, Rise Malibu offers a rate of $90,000 for a 30+ day stay, ensuring transparency in your financial planning.

Expertise and Specialized Care

The treatment team at Rise Malibu includes a Doctorate level primary therapist, a master’s level case manager, a triple board-certified medical doctor, and a psychiatrist, all of whom bring a wealth of experience and passion for treating addiction. You have expert support for varying needs and levels of care.

In addition, The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center is in partnership with Rise in Malibu, and focuses on a polyvagal-inspired approach, emphasizing the importance of social connections, community, and a sense of safety, all within their oceanfront setting. 

Technology and Facilities

The facility boasts state-of-the-art medical suites and innovative recovery technology, providing you with the best tools for a successful detox and recovery process.

With over 16 years of service and recognition from Newsweek’s Excellence in Dependency 2019 edition and a 5-star rating by Consumer Affairs, Rise in Malibu’s legacy of care is well-established. Our full continuum of care, including medical detox, residential treatment, aftercare, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment programs, ensures that every aspect of your recovery journey is supported.

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