How Stress Management Can Keep You Sober

We all get stressed in everyday life, but the tension can feel even greater when you are recovering from former days of substance abuse. It is important to remember in these challenging times [...]

Thinking About Trying To Get Sober? It Might Be Time You Do

Getting sober when you are suffering from addiction can seem like an impossible task. You may be physically and mentally dependent on the substance and this will force you to keep using. [...]

How To Rebuild Your Self-Esteem In Sobriety

Substance abuse addiction is hard, recovery is harder, so many recovering from substance abuse wonder how they are going to conquer the ability to build their self-esteem in sobriety. One thing [...]

How to Learn to Control Your Emotions in Sobriety

Now that you are off drugs or alcohol for the first time, your emotions tend to be fragile. Navigating life without them may seem unbearable. Each time you were shaken, happy or sad, you always [...]

The Benefits of a Support Group in Early Sobriety

You have taken the first step to live a life of Sobriety and are now wondering how you will manage to keep your goals. One of the best ways to achieve your resolutions is by joining a Support [...]

Aftercare: The Key to a long lasting sobriety

Getting treatment for addiction is a life-long process. You have to complete the detoxification stage, and then implement the plan that will keep you free from using the addictive substances all [...]

Meditation: How It’s Beneficial for Your Recovery

The earliest stages of recovery from addiction are filled with changes in just about every aspect of life. It’s not unusual to feel the need to recover from addiction treatment, not just [...]

The Benefits of Fitness in Sobriety

Whether you a brand-new to sobriety or have been sober for many years, engaging in physical fitness on a regular basis can greatly help improve how you are feeling both mentally and physically. [...]

How to Find Yourself in Sobriety

When it comes to getting sober, most of us find ourselves so caught up in the goal of getting clean that we don’t stop to think about who we’ll be after the fact. A lot of us make the [...]

Cocaine Addiction: How to overcome

Overcoming Cocaine addiction is a battle that thousands face on a daily basis. Many find themselves wanting to overcome the addiction, but they are not sure how to proceed to be successful with [...]

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