Life in Recovery: Rebuilding and Rediscovering Purpose

Congratulations on completing your treatment and embarking on this chapter of your life in recovery. As you transition from a treatment program to the freedoms and challenges of life, it’s [...]

Learning How to Be Grateful in Recovery

Gratitude, also known as being grateful, is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Gratitude is a practice, it’s something you can do on a daily [...]

Aftercare: The Benefits & More

The addiction treatment and recovery process is ongoing. Addiction is a chronic disease that is manageable once the addict learns healthy coping skills. Inpatient treatment is the best way to get [...]

A Guide To Staying Sober

There are two basic steps to achieving long-term sobriety: get sober and then stay sober. Getting sober has its own challenges, but staying sober takes a lot of maintenance work too. Here are [...]

How To Rebuild Your Self-Esteem In Sobriety

Substance abuse addiction is hard, recovery is harder, so many recovering from substance abuse wonder how they are going to conquer the ability to build their self-esteem in sobriety. One thing [...]

How To Deal With The Shame And Guilt In Addiction Recovery

Guilt and shame are two strong emotions that often accompany drug addiction and recovery. People may have started using drugs in the first place because of shame, and of course, feelings of guilt [...]

Sobriety Guide to Feeling Great One Day at a Time

Sobriety Guide to Feeling Great One Day at a Time So you’ve achieved the hard part, you’re now in recovery, sober, clean, on the wagon, taking the high road, fantastic! First, the good news, [...]

The Power of Music in Recovery

It is believed that music is food for the soul. The idea that it is a perfect alternative treatment is an understatement. When you get chills each time you listen to a particular song, it means a [...]

The Benefits of a Support Group in Early Sobriety

You have taken the first step to live a life of Sobriety and are now wondering how you will manage to keep your goals. One of the best ways to achieve your resolutions is by joining a Support [...]

Aftercare: The Key to a long lasting sobriety

Getting treatment for addiction is a life-long process. You have to complete the detoxification stage, and then implement the plan that will keep you free from using the addictive substances all [...]

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