Learning How to Be Grateful in Recovery

Gratitude, also known as being grateful, is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Gratitude is a practice, it’s something you can do on a daily [...]

Thinking About Trying To Get Sober? It Might Be Time You Do

Getting sober when you are suffering from addiction can seem like an impossible task. You may be physically and mentally dependent on the substance and this will force you to keep using. [...]

Aftercare: The Key to a long lasting sobriety

Getting treatment for addiction is a life-long process. You have to complete the detoxification stage, and then implement the plan that will keep you free from using the addictive substances all [...]

How to Find Yourself in Sobriety

When it comes to getting sober, most of us find ourselves so caught up in the goal of getting clean that we don’t stop to think about who we’ll be after the fact. A lot of us make the [...]

A Guide to Your First Year in Recovery

The first year of sobriety is very tough.  Most relapses happen during this time frame so it is very important to go into this phase with a game plan.  Just keep in mind that everyone is [...]