Rise in Malibu’s Response to COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, Rise in Malibu has taken valuable steps in order to continue helping those struggling with drug & alcohol abuse, while also responding to the Coronavirus [...]

12-Step vs a Non-12-Step Rehab

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A Guide To Your First 30 Days In Rehab

The first 30 days are the most challenging for recovering patients. That’s because, during that period, the mind and body are still coming to terms with operating when free from drugs. In [...]

How to Find the Right Addiction Treatment Program

An addiction treatment program helps you or another person you know stop the addiction, keep the addiction stopped, and be productive in society and at work and home. Finding the right addiction [...]

What is Evidence-Based Treatment for Addiction?

Many of us know someone or have family who struggles with alcoholism or some other form of addiction. Often times it is the family seeking out the proper care for these individuals when they will [...]