A Guide To Your First 30 Days In Rehab

The first 30 days are the most challenging for recovering patients. That’s because, during that period, the mind and body are still coming to terms with operating when free from drugs. In most cases, patients undergo severe withdrawal effects during this time, and it usually requires exceptional attention. That is because the whole new experience and discomfort can be critical triggers for drug addiction, and that is why many patients try to sneak out of rehab centers during the first few days. To avoid giving in to the urge of doing drugs, here is a guide of what rehab patients should expect during the first 30 days of attaining sobriety.

Detox period

This is the first treatment that is typically administered to recovering patients in rehab. During the detox process, the body is cleared off any drug substances and traces. This is a move to ensure that your body system remains free of the drug before the rest of the treatments can be administered. During detox, you should expect to get agitated because comfort is something that you will have to forget for a while. Depending on the kind of substance you were used to abusing the detox process can be easy, but at times, the withdrawal effects can be more adverse.

Trouble sleeping and profuse sweating

Because you are getting rid of the drug traces from your system, they usually will play with your brain and tempt you to go back to the drugs. Drug addicts believe that they cannot do anything without first quenching their urge. This kind of mindset will always exist in the subconscious mind. During the first days of going clean, there will be a great battle between your brain and subconscious mind. The brain will be reminding the patient about all the things that can go wrong if they don’t get back to abusing the drug.

These generally come in the form of bad dreams or nightmares. Therefore, during your first 30 days in rehab, sleeping can be a problem; however, these institutions typically have the perfect remedy for such situations. It is, however, good to know that the lack of proper sleep and sweating at night generally fades away after some time into treatment.

Associating with the right kind of patients

Many people assume that as long as they get admitted to a rehab center, they are going to meet the right people or groups to help them through their recovery. This is a critical phase in recovery because the people you will associate with during your treatment will impact your recovery process. Keep mind that not everybody who goes to the rehab gets adequately treated and some are there because they have no other choice.

Some still leave the rehab and head straight to using the drugs once more, and they know very well that they are not at the rehab to get treated. The rehab officials do not recognize such facts because you can never tell what is running in someone’s mind. However, when interacting with other patients, you should be able to identify the right patients that can help you recover faster.

Withdrawal effects

Although it has been mentioned that detox is associated with withdrawal effects, it is essential to know that drug withdrawal symptoms are nothing to play with. Patients suffer from anxiety, and in most cases, they become hopeless, especially if they know that they no longer have access to their stimuli. Some addicts are severely dependent on drugs that part of the active treatment requires them to withdraw by reducing the intake of the drug. Anyone who is going clean must go through this, and it is the leading cause of relapse for many recovering drug addicts. There are various drug withdrawal symptoms that at times, one can fail to notice it.

Preparation to be a new person

Note that most rehab treatments centers not only recover you from addiction but also play an essential role in preparing you for the outside world. Keep in mind that treatments such as detox typically last for a week. Practically, by the time it is reaching 30 days, the patient should already start showing signs of recovery. At that time, the patient will begin reflecting on their lives. The main problem has finally been identified and is being taken care of. They become more cautious, but the biggest problem is usually what the patients did when they were still addicts. One of the most important addiction rules for recovering patients is to mend broken bonds. At the rehab, such patients are counseled and guided on how to approach life.


It’s good to know that a patients’ stay in rehab is determined by the rate at which they are improving. Know that while other patients only require a single rehab treatment session, others have gone to more than three rehab centers. You will also want to ensure that you find the best rehab center there is if you are looking for effective rehabilitation services. Contact us today if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction. Rise in Malibu is here for you.

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