Benefits of Executive Rehab Centers

Executive rehab programs are designed to enable individuals with professional jobs to keep up with their active work obligations while being treated for addiction to drugs, certain behaviors, or [...]

12-Step vs a Non-12-Step Rehab

If you’re looking into addiction recovery programs for the first time you might feel intimidated by the variety of programs available. While there are many types of treatment, programs broadly [...]

What is SMART Recovery?

12-Step programs are some of the most common in the country. They have also been a fixture of movies and TV shows for decades. People tend to be at least somewhat familiar with the 12-Step [...]

The Power of Music in Recovery

It is believed that music is food for the soul. The idea that it is a perfect alternative treatment is an understatement. When you get chills each time you listen to a particular song, it means a [...]

How to Learn to Control Your Emotions in Sobriety

Now that you are off drugs or alcohol for the first time, your emotions tend to be fragile. Navigating life without them may seem unbearable. Each time you were shaken, happy or sad, you always [...]