Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Programs

At Rise in Malibu, we strive to treat all our clients as a whole, not just their addiction. It’s fairly common for addicts to also struggle with mental illness. We know our clients have the best [...]

What Jobs Have The Highest Addiction Correlation?

Who gets addicted to drugs? For those whose knowledge of drug and alcohol abuse is strictly limited to movies and TV shows, it may come as a surprise that addiction spans all demographics and [...]

Talking To Your Boss About Addiction

Admitting you’re battling an addiction and need help isn’t easy. If you’re in this situation, it’s not uncommon to delay getting help because you don’t feel like it’s the right time. Maybe you’re [...]

How To Finally Quit Drinking For Good

Addiction is one of the biggest issues facing society today. One of the most common addictions is to alcohol. Alcoholism has the potential to destroy both personal and professional relationships, [...]

How To Find Addiction Treatment Near Me In Malibu

Addiction is a serious issue that impacts countless people across the country. It is one of the most pressing issues facing the modern healthcare system today. The good news is that everyone has [...]

Seeking Addiction Treatment While Being a Professional

Recognizing that you need help to confront your addiction is a fundamentally positive step.  Yet many people who are coming to terms with their substance abuse struggle to follow through on [...]

Five Signs Of Drug Abuse: What To Do?

Being the parent or loved one of another person can be challenging enough.  However, when they have an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it becomes nearly impossible.  What do you do?  When or how [...]

How to Quit Using Meth

When wanting to quit meth, it’s best to seek treatment form an addiction treatment program. A structured program can help manage the cravings that come with quitting this substance. Effects of [...]

How to Quit Using Opioids

An addiction to opioids is one of the most common problems facing the public health system in the United States today. Many people end up getting opioids through a legitimate prescription that [...]

Signs Your Loved One May Be Abusing Drugs

It’s no secret that drug addiction is a growing problem across the country. If you have suspicions that someone you know may have a problem with drugs, there are several warning signs you [...]

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