Why You Should Travel Out Of State For Addiction Treatment

Should you stay or should you go further away? When choosing a treatment facility, you need to consider whether it has what you need, whether it takes insurance, and where it is located, among other factors.

There is no question that there is a lot to learn about individual treatment facilities, and they are different in many ways.  When you are willing to travel, you can see even more differences between them. You may not have considered going to treatment in another city, but there are several advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Traveling to Start Addiction Treatment

One of the biggest challenges you will face, especially in early recovery, is how to deal with the negative influences from your past that are still around. That may be friends, places, or situations, but you will probably find it easier to focus on your recovery if you don’t have to worry about those bad influences.

When your addiction treatment facility is far from home, you won’t be as tempted to leave before you finish. Sometimes people who are in a local rehab will start feeling homesick or frustrated with treatment and leave before they have accomplished what they need to.

When you are far from home, you can get a real sense of starting over. If you are successful in your recovery, you will be changing almost everything about yourself, so it is important to have this feeling so you can have to motivation to work harder toward your goals.

When you are willing to travel to rehab, you can choose a place that you really like because it is nicer and has better amenities. When you can only choose local rehabs, you can only go to a place that currently has room and that might not be as nice.

On the same note, you can get better treatment if you can explore all your options instead of just taking what is available in your area at the moment. Addiction treatment is highly personalized, as everyone has different stories and different needs, and one rehab facility might not be nearly as good as another for you.

If you are able to travel to rehab, you can find a place that offers more in the way of natural beauty and local activities. It’s good in early recovery to be in a place where you can start getting back to nature and learn to enjoy exercising in the great outdoors.

Disadvantages of Traveling to Rehab

When you have traveled a great distance to go to rehab, your family will have a more difficult time coming to visit. Not only that, they might not be able to participate in any family therapy offered through the treatment program if it is too far away.

When your rehab is far from home, setting up aftercare is more difficult. Once you leave the facility, you won’t be able to continue seeing the same therapist or going to the same meetings.

There may be no local support system because no one at the facility is from the same place as you.

Going to a rehab in a different state can be expensive, with travel costs for not just you but your family.

Rise in Malibu is a comprehensive addiction treatment facility located in sunny Southern California. The facility itself has luxurious amenities and the location has easy access to the beauties of nature. Our admissions team can work with your insurance to see what parts of your treatment will be covered. If you or a loved one is considering getting away to start the recovery process, please feel free to call one of our caring professionals today.

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