How Does Addiction Affect The Brain

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Unless you are in the medical profession and had the opportunity to see an autopsy you have no idea what drug addiction such as smoking, drugs, and alcohol do the human body. The old saying you may have heard is, “Out of sight, out of mind.” In other words, if you cannot see the damage that drug addiction does to your body it presents no problem.

For instance, the lungs are normally a nice pink color, but after years of smoking, the lungs begin to resemble a couple of steaks after a good grilling. The tissue turns a nasty gray color and hardens, making it harder over time to breathe air into the lungs. Remember that what goes into the lungs never comes out.

Drug Addiction Affect the Brain’s Function

The brain is another organ that is affected, by drugs. All of your vital organs are complex and have a specific function. Your brain is the most complex vital organ. Your vital organs need your brain’s natural power to function properly.

The brain is the organ that determines your everyday activity and movement. You need the brain’s healthy function to do anything in life. In addition to controlling all movement the brain regulates all of your vital organs, it tells you how to respond to the surrounding environment, it determines your mood and behavior. Everything that you do, feel, believe, say, and think is because of your brain’s natural function.

Are you familiar with how a computer works?

Your brain is very similar to the motherboard on a computer. It is very complex. There are millions of cells called neurons scattered through your brain. These neurons are much like a busy highway with all of its twists and turns. The neurons in the brain travel in a network of busy circuits much like cars on the highway.

Everyday information flows into and out of your brain via these little highways of neurons. It is these neurons that are responsible for your brain working healthily. When something upsets these neurons, much like a car crash on the highway, they cannot carry daily information.

When the hard drive for your computer short circuits it fails to respond correctly to the keyboard and sometimes even shuts down entirely and quits receiving information. Your brain responds in much the same way. The brain does so much more, however, it gives you some small idea of how immense of a job the brain has every day. Your brain must stay strong, healthy, and fit due to the amazing and complex job it has to keep your body functioning normally.

Unseen Forces (Drug Addiction) at Work

After many years of drinking alcohol, it tends to turn the healthy pink tissue of the liver into gray-colored, hard stone. This is called cirrhosis, which causes the liver to be unable to filter toxins any further and it dies and so do you. Again, unless you cannot see what alcohol is doing to your liver it likely does not bother you. We

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For whatever reason, drugs including alcohol halt the normal function of the neurons in your brain. Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin affect these neurons in different ways.  One thing that drugs do is to send abnormal brain signals throughout the brain’s network. These complex neurons in the brain become mixed up. Drug addiction disrupts normal brain communication.

This disruption of the brain’s neurons is highly complex and difficult to understand. However, what is easier to understand is the fact that all your normal behaviors, feelings, emotions, actions, and movements are adversely affected. Taking drugs greatly alters the brain’s ability to continue functioning normally.

The brain stem is responsible for your vital organs functioning normally such as your heart rate, your lungs handling a normal pattern of breathing, your ability to sleep normally. Different drugs affect different parts of the brain. For example, opioids affect the brain stem. An overdose of opioids can depress your breathing to the point that as you are sleeping you stop breathing because your normal respiration is depressed and death can take place.

Drugs and Alcohol, a Thief in the Night

The pleasure that you think drugs bring to you for the short-term is not worth these same drugs destroying your brain’s neurons. The longer you take drugs the more you need to achieve the same level of pleasure induced by the drugs.  It is easy to understand how drugs can eventually rob you of motivation, your desire to experience joy in life, and put you in a deep depression. You must keep taking drugs to experience even a bit of imitated pleasure in life. Recovery in rehab can help you conquer drug addiction.

All Hope is Not Lost

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