Substance Abuse and Depression

Substance abuse and depression often go hand in hand. Someone that is struggling with depression may self-medicate with substance abuse in times when they cannot, or do not get the proper care. Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that people across the globe deal with day in and day out. For some, therapy and medication are enough to help manage the signs and symptoms of depression, for others, they struggle to find the help that they need.

Why Depression and Substance Abuse are Often Intertwined

Often, depression leads to substance abuse and vice versa. Someone that is lighthearted and happy may turn to drugs and alcohol and then become depressed. The main issue is that both depression and substance abuse change the overall chemistry of the brain and change the way that people perceive the world around them. In many cases, those that have persistent depression may use drugs and alcohol to get the lift or the lightened feeling that they offer. For those that abuse substances, their brain chemistry may be altered to a point that without the substance, they are not able to feel joy or happiness.

One often leads to the other and they are often codependent in terms of how they affect those that are struggling. For some, stopping substance abuse is enough to help remedy depression. For others, therapy and medication may be enough to help alleviate the substance abuse. No matter the particular situation, both are terrible diseases that need to be handled in a professional and compassionate manner.

Treating Depression

One of the most common treatments for depression is mood stabilizing medication paired with therapy. These medications are designed to help balance the chemicals in the brain so that moods are level and even and so that there are none of the spikes or plummets that are often associated with depression. Therapy helps those affected to work through issues, even those issues that are buried very deep down, and helps the affected individual come to terms with their feelings. When paired together, medication and therapy are often enough to get someone with depression feeling like themselves again and living life. Depression gets the worst of us all sometimes and being able to find someone that can help treat it is a must. Depression is certainly not the end of your story.

Treating Substance Abuse

For those that are struggling with substance abuse, the treatment is very similar to those with depression. Medication is almost always used to help come down off the drugs and to help care for the side effects of coming off of a serious drug or alcohol. Those that are struggling with addiction will also likely undergo some sort of therapy, be it private sessions or group sessions, to get to the root of their addiction. These paired together with a sober living home or with a treatment facility help those with addiction to overcome it and live a happy and full life. Overcoming substance abuse is one of the most difficult things that anyone can do, but with the right help and determination, anyone can get better, no matter how bad their addiction.

Treating Both Depression and Substance Abuse

For many, it is not just substance abuse or just depression that they need to treat. For those that are struggling with both, a treatment center like Rise Addiction Treatment in Malibu can help patients to work through their issues and come out on the other side happy and healthy. With a unique blend of therapy, holistic medicine, medication, and sober living facilities, those that become part of the Rise Treatment facility can expect to be treated like an individual, not a number. It is important with any treatment method that patients be treated like people so that they can work toward the life they want on the other side of treatment.

The helpful and dedicated staff and the medical team is ready and waiting at all hours of the day to help patients find their center and to help them overcome the demons that have caused their depression and substance abuse. Substance abuse and associated depression do not have to be the end of the line. With the right treatment, the right approach, and the right mindset anyone can overcome addiction, they can overcome depression, and they can find a treatment and a treatment center that works for them and that truly helps them become the person that they want to be.

Depression and substance abuse are both terrible illnesses that are difficult to overcome on their own, with the right help and the right dedication, anyone can get better and have the life that they want and deserve. For more information contact the Rise Addiction Treatment Center to find out more.

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