The Warning Signs of Alcoholism to Look Out For

Data from the National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimate over seventeen million adults in the United States struggle with an alcohol abuse disorder to varying degrees. Another [...]

What Are Synthetic Opioids? Fentanyl Explained

Over the last decade, fentanyl gained recognition as a popular topic in the news. Unfortunately, not for a good reason. Although fentanyl is used in medical settings (legally) as a pain reliever, [...]

Addiction and Family: How Your Actions Affect Others

Addiction is a complex disease. Its effects reach far beyond the mental and physical impacts experienced by the person directly struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction. The mental, social, [...]

Is Addiction Genetic?

Addiction can be a complicated topic to understand. While most people think addiction is a matter of self control, it’s actually not. There is science behind addiction and a clear explanation to [...]

How to Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms

If you find yourself googling “how to avoid withdrawal symptoms”, unfortunately the short answer is you cannot avoid withdrawal symptoms when getting off drugs or alcohol. The only way out of it [...]

How to Deal With a Loved One’s Addiction

When someone you care about is struggling with addiction, life is anything but easy. You may feel like you’re losing the person you know and love, and you may also feel deeply hurt by their [...]

Why a Luxury Treatment Center May Suit You

Suspecting you have a problem with substance abuse can be scary. Especially if you are an executive or come from another white collar station in life, you may feel alone and unsure of where to [...]

What Jobs Have The Highest Addiction Correlation?

Who gets addicted to drugs? For those whose knowledge of drug and alcohol abuse is strictly limited to movies and TV shows, it may come as a surprise that addiction spans all demographics and [...]

Talking To Your Boss About Addiction

Admitting you’re battling an addiction and need help isn’t easy. If you’re in this situation, it’s not uncommon to delay getting help because you don’t feel like it’s the right time. Maybe you’re [...]

How Do You Know If A Dual Diagnosis Program is For You?

While addiction is one of the most pressing issues affecting countless individuals and families across the country, it’s far from the only problem. People who develop issues with drug abuse, [...]

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