Why You Should Travel to a Malibu Rehabilitation Center

Deciding to seek addiction treatment is a notably difficult decision. It may be the most difficult step you make on your journey to sobriety. Beyond the initial acknowledgement that you need help [...]

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Near Me

If you have considered addiction treatment and started the process of looking into rehab facilities online, you have undoubtedly come across a few treatment centers advertising their services as [...]

What Can Addiction Therapy in Malibu Do for You?

Millions of Americans struggle with addiction each day. For many of them, the first step towards sobriety is accepting (or at least acknowledging) their relationship with drugs or alcohol. The [...]

How to Choose the Best Malibu Detox Center

Detox is generally considered the first, and in most cases, the most essential step in addiction treatment. The detox process involves allowing the body time to cleanse itself of alcohol or [...]

Medication-Assisted Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Medication-assisted therapy or MAT is the use of medications in conjunction with counseling and various behavioral therapies when treating addiction. The Food and Drug Administration approves [...]

What Makes a Luxury Rehab Different From Other Facilities?

Today there are just under fifteen thousand substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States, with the highest number found in the state of California. Each facility provides competent, [...]

Alcohol Anonymous Explained

Alcoholics Anonymous is often the first thing people think of when they think of substance abuse support groups. Becoming a member is free—the  only qualification to become a member is to have [...]

What Is Equine Therapy?

Animal assisted therapy is a growing field that utilizes animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems. Animal assisted therapy can be a useful element of addiction [...]

How to Deal With a Loved One’s Addiction

When someone you care about is struggling with addiction, life is anything but easy. You may feel like you’re losing the person you know and love, and you may also feel deeply hurt by their [...]

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment comes with a lot of different approaches these days. And what works for one person may not be the most effective for another. Though it has only gained widespread publicity in [...]

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