How to Recover From Alcoholism

When someone is referred to as an alcoholic, it often means they are viewed as having a problem with alcohol. They either drink too much, drink too often, or maybe they drink too much too often. [...]

What Is Chemical Dependency?

The terms chemical dependency and addiction are frequently used interchangeably. However, it is important to note they are not one and the same. Although many addicts are chemically dependent on [...]

What Is Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment?

Statistics show as many as half of those who seek treatment for a substance use disorder also struggle with a mental illness (or vice versa). In some cases, they may be aware of one diagnosis or [...]

What Is a Holistic Approach in Addiction Treatment?

No two people experience the struggles of addiction in the same way. For this reason, addiction treatment programs must be designed to address the unique physical, psychological and holistic [...]