What Is a Holistic Approach in Addiction Treatment?

No two people experience the struggles of addiction in the same way. For this reason, addiction treatment programs must be designed to address the unique physical, psychological and holistic needs of each individual seeking treatment. Programs like ours at Rise in Malibu are individually designed to address the whole person and have proven to be more effective than programs that merely address only the addiction. Traditional, evidence-based treatment models like psychotherapy, behavioral therapies and talk therapies, and various others have been used as proven and essential elements of comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs for many years. These treatment models are effective in addressing both addictions, and mental health treatment needs as part of a comprehensive program. However, these “gold standard” programs are not the only successful or beneficial treatment options available. In recent years, many addiction treatment programs like Rise in Malibu have begun integrating alternative treatments into their plans to provide a more holistic treatment approach. 


What Is a Holistic Approach in Addiction Treatment?

Because addiction is an illness that uniquely affects each person, it is crucial to approach addiction treatment in a way that reflects each person’s individual needs and goals. It has been found that using alternative treatment methods as a complement to traditional therapy techniques provides a greater chance for long-term treatment success. Most alternative treatments are not considered a substitute for traditional, evidence-based therapies; however, when included as part of a holistic, well-rounded treatment approach, their use provides a broader range of treatment options. Depending on the treatment center, alternative therapies such as art, music, adventure, acupuncture, meditation, and equine therapies are used alongside cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and nutritional supports to create a holistic treatment plan designed around your unique treatment needs and goals.


How Rise in Malibu Incorporates Holistic Treatment Into Our Rehab Program

At Rise in Malibu, we understand the decision to seek addiction treatment is not made without a certain amount of apprehension and concern about the treatment process. We want each person who comes to Rise seeking support and healing to experience healing in a supportive, holistically driven environment. The first steps on the road to sobriety are not easy, but with the right treatment program in the right environment, a lifetime of happiness and joy without the influence of drugs or alcohol is within reach. 


Our skilled and compassionate treatment staff has over forty years of combined experience in addiction treatment. In addition to evidence-based, traditional therapies designed to help you achieve sobriety and long-term recovery, we offer unique holistic therapies, including massage therapy, breathwork training, yoga, and meditative training. At Rise, you can also find modern therapies, including art therapy, music therapy, experiential therapy, wellness & exercise therapies, and more. Our luxury Malibu, California facility is located on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, providing a private, secluded, resort-like location that enhances and promotes healing and recovery. 


Reach Out to Rise in Malibu Today 

At Rise, we understand how crucial personalized treatment plans are to your recovery journey. From your very first moment here in our luxury Malibu, California rehab we will work with you to craft an addiction treatment plan that addresses your unique treatment needs and goals. Many who struggle with addiction have lost sight of the things that once brought them joy. At Rise, we encourage you to find those hobbies and interests (and more) again. If you are ready to begin your journey to sobriety and a life without the bonds of drugs and alcohol, reach out to the admissions team at Rise today. Let us show you how a holistic treatment plan can help you defeat addiction. 


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