What are the 12 Steps?

If you are in recovery, the right type of therapy can make all the difference in how you achieve your wellness goals. The 12-step program is commonly integrated into the therapy process. It [...]

What is the Importance of Sober Hobbies in Recovery?

There are many elements that are included in the recovery process: detox, therapy, aftercare. We may not think much about how critical sober hobbies are. But the hobbies you work out with your [...]

What is Art Therapy?

The world of rehab is changing. Once, medical professionals counted solely on psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help patients overcome addiction. Now they are integrating alternative methods like [...]

What is Withdrawal Management?

One of the biggest challenges an individual will face when overcoming drug addiction is getting through detox. This is primarily due to withdrawal. Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms occur during [...]