What Makes a Luxury Rehab Different From Other Facilities?

Today there are just under fifteen thousand substance abuse treatment facilities in the United States, with the highest number found in the state of California. Each facility provides competent, professional, and evidence-based treatment services for those ready to recover from substance abuse disorders and addiction. While researching treatment options, you are likely to come across different rehab types, with some advertising themselves as “luxury rehab.”  For many, this raises an important question. How does a luxury rehab (or luxury addiction treatment Center) differ from traditional rehab options?


Defining Luxury Rehab

Every year, thousands of people from all walks of life struggle with addiction. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those (less than ten percent) will ever seek or receive much-needed addiction treatment. Addiction is a complex, chronic, yet treatable disease of the brain that requires a variety of treatment options to achieve sobriety and recovery. Evidence-based addiction treatments, medically supervised detox, and therapy throughout the rehabilitation program are all necessary elements of a successful treatment program. As addiction is unique to the person, the level of success and the type of treatment needed will vary from person to person.


Traditional and luxury rehab programs both offer essential treatment services, including detox, therapy, relapse prevention planning, and aftercare planning and services. These are all essential to begin the recovery process. However, luxury treatment centers often provide a more individualized, luxurious, and private experience for their clients.  When a center advertises their services as “luxury,” you can expect specific factors such as alternative therapy options, privacy, increased access to technology (for work or contact with family, or increased access to personal items that may contribute to the “luxury” rehab experience. In addition, luxury rehab facilities also offer a wide variety of amenities not commonly found in most traditional rehab facilities. Examples of these include holistic activities and services such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Reiki, aromatherapy, and massage. Luxury facilities may also offer access to animal-assisted therapy, gym facilities for patients, and a diet consisting of gourmet or organic foods.  This generally sets luxury rehab programs apart from a traditional rehab facility.


What Makes Rise in Malibu Stand Apart From the Rest?

There are several reasons why a luxury rehab in California, like Rise in Malibu, might be the best choice for your addiction treatment needs. Suppose a more individualized treatment experience is valuable to you. In that case, a luxury rehab facility is typically equipped to meet these expectations due to reduced staff to patient ratios and unique, individualized treatment plans. Reduced staff to patient ratios allows staff to work more intensively with their patients and make necessary changes to their treatment programs at the moment they are needed. Another reason luxury rehab you might be right for you is simple treatment preference. If alternative or holistic treatment offerings are more appealing to you than traditional treatment therapies, luxury rehab might be a better choice. This does not mean conventional treatments are not provided at a luxury rehab; however, luxury treatment programs often have a much broader range of alternative therapies to complement traditional, evidence-based therapies. Finally, if privacy and location are essential, luxury rehabs frequently cater to those for whom privacy is critical. Like Rise in Malibu, these facilities are located in scenic, vacation-style locations, which for some, make the process of leaving home to attend rehab significantly easier. They also allow the ability to seek treatment without having to distance yourself from some of the requirements of everyday life, such as business meetings and the ability to maintain a presence at work or home. This makes seeking treatment for working professionals who cannot be away from their office possible. 


If you have decided that rehab is the next step on the road to sobriety and that a luxury program providing alternative therapies in conjunction with evidence-based treatment models is right for you, contact Rise in Malibu to learn more about our luxury rehab center in California today. 

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