What is the Timeline for Benzo Withdrawal?

Withdrawal symptoms are inevitable on your road to recovery. If you are struggling with a benzo addiction and about to undergo detox and subsequent addiction recovery treatment, you may be curious about the approximate timeline for benzo withdrawal symptoms. Benzo withdrawal syndrome can be physiologically and psychologically challenging. From increased irritability to insomnia, anxiety, cravings, and more, benzo withdrawal symptoms can be quite uncomfortable. However, withdrawal symptoms only last a short period of time. Keep reading to understand the exact timeline for benzo withdrawal and what withdrawal symptoms you should expect to experience.


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What is The Timeline for Benzo Withdrawal? 

Detoxing and going through withdrawal from benzos is the first crucial step every recovering addict must go through. Depending on the level of severity of your addiction will determine how long and how uncomfortable, and even life-threatening, your withdrawal symptoms are. Therefore, there is no exact time for benzo withdrawal symptoms because it varies per patient and a variety of factors. Below are some of the common factors that can impact how long and how severe your benzo withdrawal symptoms will be:


  • Dosage or how much you abuse on a given day
  • Duration or how long you have been abusing benzos
  • The type of drug you are misusing
  • Whether or not you are struggling with mental illness
  • Whether or not you are abusing other drugs


Typically, benzo detox symptoms can last anywhere from a few days up to a month or more. Most recovering addicts will begin to experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms typically within 24 hours of stopping their drug abuse.


If you or someone is concerned about the timeline for benzo withdrawal, below is an approximate breakdown of what you can expect during your withdrawal process. 


  1. Early Withdrawal Symptoms will start to develop within about the first 24 hours after quitting your drug abuse up to a few days into detox. Common symptoms include feeling anxious, experiencing cravings, and insomnia. 


  1. Acute Withdrawal Symptoms follow the initial withdrawal symptom period. These typically start within a few days after quitting your drug abuse and can last for days or weeks on end depending on the severity of your addiction. Oftentimes, patients describe this phase of withdrawal as the most difficult as they experience a range of uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms like nausea, sweating, anxiety, diarrhea, mood swings, drug cravings, and in severe cases seizures or hallucinations.


  1. Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms, or post-acute withdrawal symptoms, are symptoms that may still persist after the acute withdrawal symptom period. Typically, these prolonged withdrawal symptoms occur in people who have a severe benzo addiction and have been abusing for a long period of time. Therefore, they may experience these symptoms, like insomnia, anxiety, and mood swings, for potentially months and up to a year.


As you can see, the timeline for benzo withdrawal can vary depending on the patient. Because withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, and potentially life-threatening, it’s important you seek professional detoxification and addiction treatment to ensure you safely and effectively detox so you can progress along your recovery journey. 

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Detoxing and overcoming painful withdrawal symptoms is challenging; however, overcoming withdrawal symptoms is a crucial step in ultimately overcoming your benzo addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with a benzo addiction it’s essential you seek out professional help to safely overcome your addiction. 


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