What is Intensive Peer Recovery?

Addiction can make you feel incredibly isolated and alone– almost as if no one could possibly relate to what you’re going through. Intensive peer recovery treatment services provide recovering addicts the chance to receive support and guidance from peers who have once been an addict themselves and can fully relate to what they’re going through.

Intensive peer recovery services offer peer-driven mentoring, education, and supportive services to help patients maintain long-term sobriety by receiving valuable guidance from peers who can fully relate to and understand what they’re going through. In this article, you’ll learn more about intensive peer recovery and the many benefits a recovering addict can have from this form of treatment.

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What is Intensive Peer Recovery?

Intensive peer recovery is a type of treatment program that helps recovering addicts receive support and guidance in a structured manner from trained peers. These trained peers are a group of people who have first-hand struggled with addiction themselves and, like the patients they are helping, have gone through the recovery process. 

Intensive peer recovery can be highly beneficial for patients to learn directly from peers who know exactly what the patients are going through. While counselors and other addiction specialists and mental health professionals can help treat patients, sometimes they lack that first-hand account of having gone through addiction and the recovery process themselves.

Examples of peer recovery support services and programs include 12-step programs like AA, or various aftercare services different drug rehabs may have, such as alumni programs, sober living homes, etc. Typically, these aftercare recovery resources have previous graduates guide new graduates into transitioning from treatment back into their everyday life. Because the previous graduates have personally done it themselves, this can be immensely helpful for new graduates.

Benefits of Intensive Peer Recovery

Being a part of an intensive peer recovery support program can help recovering addicts receive critical guidance and support from other peers who know what they’re going through. There are several benefits to joining an intensive peer recovery program, such as:

First-Hand Support & Guidance

An intensive peer recovery treatment program allows you to learn, receive support, and share similar experiences with other peers who can understand and relate to what you’re going through as a recovering addict.

Increased Motivation

Being exposed to other people who are farther along in their recovery journey than you helps increase your motivation and inspires you to continue along your road to recovery. This is because the peer mentors that are guiding you are also acting as role models to inspire you of what is possible to live a long-term life of sobriety.

Increased Sense of Community & Support

Next, intensive peer recovery gives you a sense of community and connection. Addiction and even recovering from addiction can feel isolating and lonely. Having a community and individuals you can lean on to help you along your recovery journey is critical.

Personalized Support

Recovering addicts also receive personalized support and guidance from peer mentors to maximize their success in maintaining lifelong sobriety. No two patients recovering from addiction are the same. That’s why receiving custom care according to your unique needs is essential to increase your likelihood of maintaining a healthy life of sobriety. 

Top-Rated Malibu Drug Rehab

Intensive peer recovery treatment services offer recovering addicts the ability to receive essential support and guidance from individuals who can fully relate to and understand what they’re going through. 

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