What Are the Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 1 million people aged 12 or older report having a heroin use disorder in 2021. Heroin is a very addictive substance that can not only significantly reduce your health and quality of life, but put your life at risk. Heroin addiction treatment offers the ability to safely and effectively overcome your addiction, and learn essential skills to maintain your sobriety. 

Detoxing is a necessary first step in every addict’s recovery journey. The detoxification process can be uncomfortable and, in severe cases, potentially life-threatening. That’s why it’s essential to seek professional help to overcome your heroin addiction to ensure you safely and effectively detox. 

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What is Withdrawal?

Before exploring the different symptoms of heroin withdrawal, it’s important to understand what is withdrawal, and why it happens. Drug withdrawal occurs when your body experiences uncomfortable side effects (withdrawals) as a result of not consuming your drug of choice. In other words, a substance addiction occurs when your body becomes dependent upon a certain substance. 

When your body develops this drug dependency, it begins to expect and anticipate you consuming the drug. So, when you try and quit using your drug of choice, or even don’t consume your drug as readily as your body is expecting, you inevitably experience withdrawal symptoms.

All recovering addicts experience withdrawal symptoms because detoxing is the necessary first step every addict must take toward achieving sobriety. Depending on the severity of your addiction will determine how severe your withdrawal symptoms are. For example, if you are highly addicted to a strong drug, like heroin, you will likely experience intense withdrawal symptoms that may potentially be life-threatening. This is why it is so essential to seek professional addiction treatment to ensure you detox safely.  

Common Symptoms of Heroin Withdrawal

Symptoms of heroin withdrawal can range in severity depending on the severity of your addiction. Below are some common heroin withdrawal symptoms you can expect to experience during your detox:

  • Fast pulse
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating 
  • Muscle spasms, cramps, or pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Anxiety 
  • Irritability
  • Intense drug craving

Most recovering addicts need about 1 week to overcome the symptoms of heroin withdrawal. In severe instances, some recovering addicts may experience heroin withdrawal symptoms for up to 2 weeks. Because signs of heroin withdrawal can be intense, uncomfortable, and in some cases life-threatening, it’s crucial you seek professional help from a detox program to ensure you can detox safely so you can then progress to receiving addiction recovery treatment. 

Why Seeking Help From A Heroin Detox Program Is Important

Detox is the necessary first step every recovering addict must take on their recovery journey. However, this does not mean overcoming withdrawal symptoms is easy. Withdrawal symptoms can not only be uncomfortable and painful, but potentially life-threatening. That’s why it’s essential to seek professional support from a heroin detox program to overcome your withdrawal symptoms rather than just try to overcome your withdrawal symptoms all on your own. At a drug rehab that offers a detox program, you’ll be able to ensure you overcome your withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively.

A detox program will be able to provide professional medical supervision and also be able to prescribe you certain medications (if needed) that help you especially overcome your withdrawal symptoms effectively. 

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

Detoxing can be uncomfortable, painful, and even potentially life-threatening. If you are addicted to heroin, or any other substance, and are looking to detox and live a long-term life of sobriety, it’s essential you seek professional help and support to detox safely and effectively. Otherwise, detoxing all on your own can be potentially life-threatening depending upon the severity of your addiction.

At Rise in Malibu, we are a drug rehab committed to helping people overcome addiction and take back their life. We offer a range of comprehensive treatment services so you can receive the best possible care to overcome your addiction. Contact us today to learn more about how you can start your recovery journey. 

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