What Are the Signs of Valium Addiction?

When the average person thinks about addiction, they think about alcohol and illicit drugs. While plenty of people are certainly addicted to both of these things, many people are also addicted to prescription medications that they are given for a specific problem. It can be difficult for a person to tell if their loved one has an addiction to a prescription medication because they assume they are supposed to be taking it. Many times, people who become addicted hide their behavior from their loved ones. The longer it takes to get a person help with their addiction, the worse the effect it can have on their lives and those around them. 

For this reason, it is essential to recognize the signs and symptoms of their addiction to be able to get them help as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many drugs we don’t even think about can become addictive, so it’s important to keep an eye on your loved ones no matter what type of medication they are taking. 

At Rise in Malibu, we believe in giving our clients and their families the tools needed to get free of addiction, which includes recognizing when a loved one has an addiction and needs help.

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What is Valium Used For? 

Valium is a drug that is primarily used to treat anxiety by working with the nervous system and the brain to calm nerves. It is in the family of drugs known as benzodiazepines. 

Besides treating anxiety, Valium can also be used to treat alcohol addiction, seizures, muscle spasms and is sometimes used to sedate patients before surgeries, such as at a dentist’s office. Because of its effectiveness, Valium is actually a widely prescribed drug that millions of people take on a daily basis, making it very easy to acquire, even legally. 


Is Valium Addictive? 

Like most any drug that a person can be prescribed, Valium is addictive, in fact, Valium is highly addictive for a couple of different reasons. 

Firstly, Valium is addictive because many people who abuse it do so because they enjoy the way it makes them feel. Second, the drug acts on the central nervous system and the brain, making the body grow dependent on having the drug in its system to function normally. Over time this chemical dependence becomes full-on addiction, and if the person stops taking the drug, they will start going through withdrawal. 

To add to the addictive nature of the drug, it is also incredibly widely prescribed and easily available, making it possible for anyone who wants to abuse the drug to continue to do so without very much hassle, thus making it even more dangerous a drug. 


What Are the Signs of Valium Addiction 

There are several mental and physical signs to look out for if someone is addicted to Valium. 

They will likely be experiencing mood shifts such as anxiousness and paranoia as well as becoming withdrawn from family and friends, social events, and even activities they once enjoyed. 

They may suffer fever, nausea, vomiting, heart issues, delusions, coma, and even potential death. As the addiction worsens, they will likely engage in drug-seeking behavior, which can cause problems at work or school and, even worse, legal problems and potentially jail time. 

Besides these signs, you may also notice a change in the amount that a person is taking if they have a prescription or a change in the method they are using to take them, such as smoking them, snorting, or injecting the pills. 


How to Find a Valium Rehab Center in Malibu

If you know a loved one is addicted to Valium, they need to come to Rise in Malibu to get the treatment they need. 

Not only do we have luxury accommodations set against the backdrop of the ocean, but we also have personalized plans that begin with detox and end with clients getting the help they need to continue on the road to sobriety thanks to our aftercare services

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