Trying to Get Sober? Go to an Anthem Blue Cross Drug Rehab

As an independent subsidiary of Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem, Inc. is one of the top health insurance providers in the United States. They provide insurance coverage in fourteen states, although members are also able to take advantage of provider services outside their home state in any practice where Blue Cross, Blue Shield is accepted. Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield insurance offer substance abuse and mental health coverage benefits at most coverage levels. This ensures policyholders can seek potentially lifesaving addiction treatment without the added concern of how to pay for it. 


What Is an Anthem Blue Cross Drug Rehab? 

An Anthem Blue Cross Drug Rehab like Rise in Malibu provides comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment for addicts trying to get sober. As previously mentioned, your individual treatment services will vary based on your plan coverage level and your specific treatment needs. 


Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield plans generally cover multiple levels of care including inpatient residential treatment, outpatient treatment services, and ongoing treatment as part of an aftercare program. Some of the services covered at the inpatient (sometimes called inpatient residential) level include detoxification, addiction treatment, and partial hospitalization treatment programs. 


In an outpatient setting, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield policies will cover some or most of the services such as individual and group counseling, family counseling services, intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs), detox medications, and medication management. 


The length of time for which Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield will pay for rehab depends on your specific insurance plans and the behavioral health (addiction and mental health treatment) benefits covered by that plan. The duration of one’s stay at a treatment program also depends on the substance or substances they use, the severity of their addiction, and their recommended level of care.


How Does Drug Rehab Help Me Get Sober? 

If you have a drug addiction, rehab is your best opportunity for sobriety. Overcoming a drug addiction is not only about beating the physical dependence but also addressing the behavioral and underlying mental health factors that contribute to addictive behaviors. Quitting “cold turkey” without the benefit of treatment at a drug rehab will not provide the tools and skills often needed to prevent relapse and achieve lasting sobriety. The physical dependence on drugs is best overcome through medically assisted detox. Detoxing in a supported environment like Rise in Malibu ensures you have medical professionals available to help with withdrawal symptoms which in some cases can become life-threatening. Addiction is a chronic disease, but going to a drug rehab can provide you with the tools necessary to overcome it now and for years to come. 


People struggle to get sober for various reasons. For some, it is the fear of rehab and what the experience is like. For others, fears and apprehension surrounding how to pay for addiction treatment are among the most significant barriers inhibiting their decision to go to rehab to get sober. Your Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policy can help relieve some of the stressors you may experience when considering how to pay for treatment. 


Reach Out to Rise in Malibu Today to Get Started on the Road to Recovery

At Rise in Malibu, we will work with you to determine the level and type of care your Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield plan covers. Based on this information and your unique treatment needs and goals, our team of highly trained therapy providers and medical professionals will design a plan focused on helping you achieve your goals. If you are ready to take the first step on the path to sobriety, contact our luxury Malibu drug rehab today to learn more about how an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab can help you get sober. 


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