The Link Between Addiction and Executives

Addiction and Professionals of Every Type

Addiction does not discriminate, affecting individuals from all walks of life equally. No amount of money or education can protect you or your loved ones from the struggles of addiction once they have taken hold. Your job and social station won’t help you recover if you are facing addiction.

Stereotypes about what an addict is supposed to look like can keep people from trying to get help. Rise in Malibu offers comprehensive addiction treatment to everyone, including business executives, health care practitioners, and other skilled professionals, such as attorneys and accountants. You can relax in our luxurious facility while you take advantage of our holistic program that treats you as a complete person.

High-Level Executives

Business executives may suffer longer than they need to because they are so used to holding things together no matter how hard life gets. They may still have their jobs and families when they realize they need help, or when their families and friends organize an intervention to make sure they get help. Alcohol and opioids are two of the most common addictions among business executives.

Health Care Professionals

Doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health care professionals see a lot of pain and suffering as part of their jobs. The stress can seem overwhelming, and the problem is exacerbated by the long workdays at many healthcare facilities. Because of that, health care professionals are particularly prone to addiction, even though they may see the results of addiction every day. Those who work in health care settings also have access to many different kinds of addictive drugs, making it easy to make the original bad choices that lead to trouble down the road.


Potential lawyers experience stress before they even graduate from law school. With more competition over jobs and increasing student loan debts, the future can seem uncertain for anyone interested in practicing law. There are risk factors in both large firms and small practices, and the profession is also known for having a high rate of depression.

Risk Factors

There are certain risk factors and conditions that often go interact with addiction, encompassing every area of an individual’s psychological, physiological, economic and spiritual life.


Unfortunately, some professions are more prone to suicide than others, including the medical and dental professions. There is also a correlation between substance abuse and suicide in the general population, with one doctor committing suicide in the US every day. With suicide rates going up in the United States, this is definitely a risk everyone should be aware of so that it can be dealt with.

Family problems

Alcoholics and addicts often say that they are abusing substances to help deal with family problems, while at the same time their families are having a hard time dealing with their addiction. Your family is your strongest support throughout life but addiction can destroy relationships and leave you alone to deal with your issues.

Family members with substance abuse problems

These kinds of issues tend to run in families, both because they are genetic and because they are learned. It also increases an individual’s risk of addiction if a family member has been diagnosed with a psychological disorder.

Diagnosis with a mental health disorder

If you have a dual diagnosis, it dramatically increases your risk of abusing substances. When high-level executives and other professionals have an untreated mental health disorder, they may try to treat their own symptoms by abusing alcohol or drugs.


If you have the attitude that it is okay to use drugs or alcohol to cope with stress, you are more likely to end up abusing those substances to make yourself feel better. This is also the case for performance-enhancing drugs, which many professionals might use in order to stay up longer and keep focus for longer hours because of work pressures.

Stress levels

When stress levels are particularly high, it may seem natural to deal with them by taking the edge off. Individuals who can identify this problem sometimes take proactive measures, such as using exercise or meditation to deal with stress before it becomes a bigger problem.

Professionals Can Get Help With Addiction Treatment Too

Sometimes individuals who normally operate in a professional capacity feel that they can’t go into treatment because it will harm their reputation. At Rise in Malibu, we understand how difficult it can be to ask for help knowing that you will have to share honestly what has been going on with your life.

We offer both traditional and modern treatments that will help you deal with underlying issues while giving you the tools you need to maintain long-term sobriety when your program has been completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to call today.

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