The Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

The term “holistic medicine” has become something of a buzz term in recent years, for a good reason. As interest shifts from traditional western medical practices to alternative and “whole person” approach to medical and mental health treatments, holistic options have grown rapidly in popularity. In general, holistic interventions are not typically standalone treatments; rather, they are used as complementary or in addition to traditional, evidence-based addiction treatment models. When used simultaneously, holistic addiction treatment and traditional interventions provide a more well-rounded, comprehensive approach to overcoming drug or alcohol addiction.


What is Holistic Treatment?

Holistic therapies are treatment models that do not include medical components. Common examples of holistic treatments may include yoga, acupuncture, art and music therapies, massage therapy, spiritual therapy, adventure therapy, etc. The underlying concept of holistic therapy is to offer treatment models that realign the mind, body, and spirit, so they are in sync.


When you choose a luxury rehab that provides holistic addiction treatment, your program will consist of both traditional and holistic (sometimes called alternative) treatment models. Throughout your stay at Rise in Malibu, highly trained therapists will work with you to address your physical and mental addiction symptoms while also working to improve emotional and nutritional challenges that hinder your ability to fully recover from an addiction.


When is Holistic Addiction Treatment Used?

Holistic addiction treatment can be used for anyone interested in applying the calming benefits of holistic treatment models into their treatment program. Some patients find certain holistic approaches highly beneficial during detox as they help you cope with the struggles that often accompany withdrawal. Additionally, holistic therapies are widely applied to the therapeutic portion of a treatment program.


What are the Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Holistic addiction treatment has many benefits for your mind and body. First, holistic treatment addresses the whole person, meaning therapy works to heal not only the physical and emotional elements of addiction but also the spiritual ones. Ensuring your treatment program focuses on the whole person and not just the addiction increase the probability of effective treatment. Holistic treatments also encourage you to look within to learn more about the roots of your addiction and how you can help yourself to move forward from addiction.


Holistic treatments are an excellent way to reduce stress, which is essential in relapse prevention. Stress is a significant relapse trigger. Learning safer and more effective ways to reduce and manage stressors may mean the difference between maintaining sobriety and relapsing back to drug or alcohol use. Data provided by the National Institutes of Health indicate that holistic treatment approaches effectively reduce short and long-term stress.


Learning and practicing coping skills as part of various holistic treatment approaches (yoga, meditation, etc.) offers an effective relapse prevention tool that can help you maintain lasting sobriety beyond completing a primary treatment program. When used in conjunction with traditional treatments, holistic therapies not only help prevent relapse long-term but may also improve sleep, improve eating habits, encourage healthy exercise, and help with craving control.


Lastly, choosing a rehab in Malibu offering holistic treatment options provides a more extensive selection of treatment options. Addiction affects everyone differently, and each person has unique needs and goals for their sobriety journey. Choosing a rehab that offers more than traditional therapy models can help ensure you have access to the best therapy options for you. Programs that offer holistic treatments allow you to learn about and discover treatments that are ideal for your personal needs.


How to Find Holistic Drug Treatment in Malibu

At Rise in Malibu, we understand that each person seeking help to overcome addiction has unique needs. Our holistic rehab programs allow you to explore a variety of treatment models, including evidence-based (traditional) treatment models and a range of holistic programs. Our experienced, compassionate treatment team is here to help you throughout each stage of your treatment journey.


We work with each person who comes to Rise in Malibu to develop a treatment plan focused on your needs. Because your needs are different from anyone else, you’re the tools and therapeutic models used to help you achieve lasting sobriety will be equally as varied. Let us help you get started on a journey towards lasting health and wellness. Contact an admissions team member today.

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