Stress Management in Sobriety for Executives

Work, as an executive, is tough.  Stressors occur every day that makes just getting through the day is hard.  For recovery addicts, these stresses can make each day even more difficult.  When someone is in recovery, learning how to manage stress at work can make the difference between thriving and relapsing.  Many executives who do relapse often indicate that work-related stress creates a tipping point for them.  For many US workers, job-related stress is a major concern.  While for many, it is a juggling act to manage workplace stress and duties in their personal life, for someone in recovery, this balancing act can be even harder to maintain.

Executives have to learn stress management skills to address and maintain their sobriety.  Succeeding in business, as well as sobriety, means being honest with yourself, not overworking and learning to handle stressful situations at work and at home.  That sounds like a hefty task list but it is achievable with the right support.  We have several suggestions that can make managing workplace stress easier.


Realize the power that stress plays when you are making decisions.  Acknowledging the anxiety that can surround deals and contracts that can potentially fail, is a solid first step to conquering it.  Fear of failure is real.  For executives in recovery, dismissing it can lead to overwhelming feelings that end in relapse.  One way to deal with high levels of stress is to find a healthy outlet.  Some find that exercise helps.  Others pursue their hobbies such as painting, writing or reading.  These allow time to wind down, work off stress and engage with others in a positive atmosphere.


It’s natural to want to celebrate business or personal successes.  For those in recovery though, this can trigger an impulse to slip.  Finding positive ways to celebrate with those you care about can help keep you sane and on the road to recovery.  Part of this is being mindful of potential pitfalls.  Those who regularly practice mindfulness focus on the moment.  This allows the person to let go about the stress in that minute, release worrying about the future and enjoy their success.

Missing the Mark

Everyone fails at work sometimes.  When executives make a bad move, though, it can affect a large number of people in the company and its customers.  Humiliation is a real emotion that executives in recovery must acknowledge.  Sometimes, you need to be kind to yourself to deal with difficult emotions.

Caring for Yourself

One way to ease stress is to care for yourself…mind, body and soul.  Executives often work long hours which can make it easy to eat poorly and skip regular exercise.  However, these activities are well known to reduce stress levels and promote a more positive self-image.  This contributes to the overall success of a recovery program.  While the stereotypical exec. may spend time “networking” and socializing with other corporate leaders over drinks, this is an opportunity for you to define your own standards and choose more healthy options.

Take Time to Breathe

Relaxing, for many people, can be difficult to do.  In today’s busy world, there are many demands tugging for your attention.  This is especially true for business executives who can be consumed putting out the next fire.  It’s important for recovery, though, to break that pattern and allow for time to simply relax.  Not only is rest healing, but it also allows for periods of introspection and contemplation.  The recovery process itself is not simple.  Giving yourself time and space to breathe can bolster your body and mind.  This aids in long-lasting sobriety.  By engaging in fun activities loved ones or spending time alone can help alleviate the pressure you feel.  While using drugs or alcohol, you may have considered them just to be a way to “take the edge off”.  Now that you are in recovery, finding better, more constructive ways to relax and reduce anxiety are more important than ever.  Without implementing new strategies for relaxation, a relapse can occur.

While you may not be able to eliminate all of the stress you experience, taking proactive steps to acknowledge stress can help reduce its effects.  Taking a little time away from the office to be with friends and family helps in the long run.  It also reduces the likelihood of relapse.

Getting the Help You Need

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