Do you & your loved ones
want to live a life filled with:

A. Substance?
B. Substance Abuse?

A. Substance

If You Selected a Life with Substance, Rise in Malibu Can Help.

Rise in Malibu doesn’t just talk the talk. We’ve walked the walk, and have been in your shoes. Our innovative treatment program combines the best of traditional, holistic and modern therapies utilized by our highly-trained staff to help you recover from substance abuse. Our goal is to teach you how to still get high on life, without the use of drugs and alcohol.

B. Substance Abuse

If You Selected a Life with Substance Abuse, That’s Your Disease Talking. Rise in Malibu Can Still Help.

Many times people don’t get help for substance abuse for numerous reasons. Whether it is the denial that they have a problem, or that there is still a stigma attached, many things can stop a person from seeking a life without drugs. Rise in Malibu can help. Whether you are unsure if you need help, or you are looking for a confidential experience, Rise in Malibu is here for you.

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