Why a Luxury Treatment Center May Suit You

Suspecting you have a problem with substance abuse can be scary. Especially if you are an executive or come from another white collar station in life, you may feel alone and unsure of where to turn. The truth is that people from all walks of life are affected by drug abuse and addiction, but unfair social stigma often tries to tell us otherwise. Furthermore, media portrayals of rehab don’t quite show just how advanced addiction treatment has come.

Today’s addiction treatment centers are a far cry from the cold medical facilities and frightening treatment methods seen in movies and TV. Better still, a luxury treatment program offers you effective, quality care that is often unparalleled by other options. 

How a Luxury Treatment Center Is Different

Even though addiction affects people from virtually all social classes and demographics, many people still shy away from going to rehab because they fear it isn’t meant for people like them. This is one reason why luxury treatment centers exist. They offer advanced addiction treatment in a beautiful setting that allows you to relax and really focus on what’s important — getting well and gaining a fresh new perspective on life. 

Traditionally, addiction treatment is centered around just getting patients through detox or offering weekly support groups. While these can help, they don’t quite tackle the whole picture of drug abuse. Addiction and substance abuse are complex issues, and so the best treatment is going to be a multifaceted approach that addresses each area.

A luxury treatment program can offer specific benefits that you may not necessarily find elsewhere:

  • High-class accommodations that make it easy to relax and get through detox symptoms more comfortably
  • A serene, scenic environment that helps you feel at ease and focused on recovery
  • Fitness amenities (luxury treatment centers often come with a pool or gym)
  • Access to nature / the outdoors
  • Personalized treatment plans that tailor the program to your specific needs
  • A comprehensive aftercare program that helps you stay sober and healthy long into the future

The amount of time a luxury treatment program takes will vary depending on a variety of factors (severity of drug abuse, addiction type, etc.) Luxury treatment often lasts longer than other programs, but this is because of the more focused care and details involved. This helps lower the risk of relapse in the long run. 

Why Executives Do Well in Luxury Addiction Treatment

People in executive and management positions can particularly benefit from the relaxing qualities of luxury addiction treatment. After all, the high-stress pace of these jobs is often what leads to substance abuse in the first place. 

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, people in management, executive or other high-ranking positions in their companies actually have some of the highest rates of substance abuse and addiction in the nation. Nearly 10 percent report heavy alcohol use every year, while over 12 percent report illicit drug abuse. Over time, substance abuse can lead to poor job performance and derailed careers, not to mention severe personal life repercussions. 

If you’re an executive or manager, opting for a luxury treatment center is a highly effective solution. Because so much of the focus is on keeping patients relaxed and at ease, stress levels are kept low for the duration of the program. Furthermore, luxury programs offer you the chance to learn a variety of coping skills to keep your stress levels at bay in the future. 

Now, many executive clients resist getting help not just because of the stigma, but because they worry about how they can fit treatment into their busy schedules. However, luxury treatment provides a fresh perspective that can help you slow down a bit and realize how you can adjust your regular schedule to be less frantic. It’s also worth noting that the secluded, peaceful location of luxury treatment allows for more privacy and security with your professional reputation.

Ready to Make a Change? Come Join Us at Rise in Malibu

If you suspect you have a problem with drug abuse or are aware that you’re struggling with addiction, we invite you to get in touch with our team at Rise in Malibu today. Our luxury treatment center is situated in a peaceful spot in Malibu, CA, just off the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. We have a full staff of medical professionals and substance abuse experts dedicated to your wellbeing as you navigate detox, addiction treatment and enter into addiction recovery. At our serene, luxurious facility, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities and will have the tools you need to finally overcome addiction and take back control of your life. Contact us today!


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