Luxury Alcohol Rehab Near Me

If you have considered addiction treatment and started the process of looking into rehab facilities online, you have undoubtedly come across a few treatment centers advertising their services as “luxury rehab,” which may have provoked a few questions. What exactly is luxury rehab? How is a luxury rehab center any different than a traditional addiction treatment setting? Why should I choose a luxury rehab as opposed to another rehab center? Finding the answers to these questions can better help you understand the type of rehab setting that will best suit your or your loved one’s addiction treatment needs. 


Defining Luxury Rehab

The level of success and type of addiction treatment necessary depends on the individual, the substance used, and the duration of their addiction. For some, outpatient treatment models work well. However, for others, a long-term, inpatient setting is preferable to ensure treatment success. Addiction treatment services provided at both traditional and luxury treatment settings must incorporate evidence-based treatment and recovery options into the treatment model. 

These methods are based on many decades of medical research and successful treatment outcomes. In addition to essential treatment protocols, luxury addiction rehabs focus on comfort and individualized care. Many offer superior amenities such as private rooms, desirable settings and views, upscale services (such as high-end meal options), and a broader range of alternative treatment options. Luxury rehab focuses on providing the highest comfort level possible so the patient can focus their attention on sobriety and recovery. 


How Is Luxury Rehab Different from Regular Rehab?

Both traditional and luxury rehab settings provide essential treatment services required to help you start on the road to sobriety. However, luxury treatment options often offer a more individualized, private, and luxury-oriented experience for their patients. While luxury treatment centers may offer an increased level of alternative or holistic treatment options, it is important to note that they still provide (and are required to provide) essential services as well. Each licensed addiction treatment facility across the nation must adhere to strict guidelines that dictate the minimum services each facility must provide. 

When an addiction treatment center advertises its services as luxury, you can expect specific treatment elements such as alternative therapy options, increased privacy, increased access to technology (for work or contact with family), and increased access to personal items that may contribute to an enhanced, more luxury rehab experience. Also, luxury rehab facilities generally offer a wider variety of amenities not commonly found in most traditional rehab settings. These include holistic activities (including yoga, aromatherapy, and massage), animal-assisted therapy, gym facilities, and nutrition programs consisting of gourmet or organic foods. Services and amenities such as these typically set a luxury rehab apart from traditional rehab settings. 


How Rise in Malibu Can Help with My Alcohol Addiction

There are several reasons why a luxury rehab, like Rise in Malibu, is the best choice for your addiction treatment needs. If you are looking for a more individualized treatment experience, luxury rehab can often accommodate your needs due to smaller staff to patient ratios. This allows the treatment staff to work more closely with their patients. Another reason to choose luxury rehab may be treatment preference. If you prefer access to alternative or holistic treatments (provided alongside evidence-based traditional therapies), a luxury rehab like Rise may be the best choice. Finally, if location and privacy are important aspects of your treatment preferences, you will want to consider a luxury rehab. 

Our Malibu facility is located in a beautiful, relaxing setting, away from the buzz of everyday stress. Our private location allows you to seek treatment away from the triggers of home but without having to close off access to the most critical elements of home, like family or even employment. 

If you have decided you are ready to take the first step on the road to sobriety and that a luxury program is the right choice for you, contact Rise in Malibu today. 

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