What is the Importance of Individualized Addiction Treatment?

Addiction is not easy to overcome. Finding the right type of treatment is crucial. Individualized addiction treatment can make all the difference when it comes to getting the help you need for a successful recovery.

This article will review what to look for in a Malibu addiction treatment program and why individualized addiction treatment is so important.


What to Look for in a Rehab

There are several things to look for when choosing a rehab that’s right for you. These include the following:

  • Atmosphere: Some Malibu rehabs offer a luxury environment while others are comfier and homier. The one you choose is up to you, but finding a facility that provides an atmosphere that feels right is essential.
  • Price: Unfortunately, rehab can be quite expensive. Most people will consider cost when deciding on the one that’s best for them. You should also investigate what types of insurance they accept as this can cut back on expenses considerably.
  • Inpatient or Outpatient: Some facilities offer inpatient treatment, while others are outpatient. Inpatient is more comprehensive and will be helpful for patients with severe addictions. Outpatient is best for people who can’t afford to be away from their jobs or family for long periods.
  • Types of Treatment Offered: There are a variety of therapies that may be integrated into an addiction treatment program, including alternative and traditional strategies. It’s critical to find a center that offers the treatment that’s right for you.


What is the Importance of Individualized Addiction Treatment?

Individualized addiction treatment is another thing to look for in a rehab center. This means that the facility does not take a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. They consider each patient based on their background, the type of drug they are addicted to, underlying issues that may have driven them to use, and more.

Specialists sit down with each patient to determine their addiction and what’s behind it. They go from there to find the best-suited plan for their individual needs. They may integrate one therapy or a variety of therapies in accordance with what they feel is best for the patient. 

Personalized addiction treatment offers many benefits, including the following:

  • Uncovers the underlying issues of addiction: Addiction is often tied to a deeper issue such as a mental health disorder or a past trauma. Individualized addiction treatment helps specialists discover the cause of addiction to treat it at its root.
  • Addresses the drug: Recovery methods for addiction can vary depending on the drug you were addicted to. Different drugs produce different side effects and withdrawal symptoms, which must be addressed accordingly. Personalized addiction treatment accounts for the drug being used so you can overcome it effectively.
  • Provides the right treatments: Individualized addiction treatment requires a person to be assessed to determine their background, personality, and the underlying cause of their dependency issues. Once therapists glean this information, they can determine which treatments they think the patient will respond to best. This may include traditional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and alternative therapies like yoga and meditation.


How to Find Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs in Southern California

There are plenty of treatment programs available in Southern California. So how can you be sure if they offer the individualized care you require? Most will state this information on their website. You can also call the center to find out.

Finding a center that works for you in terms of price and atmosphere and offers an individualized addiction treatment program is not easy. You can spend hours comparing websites to determine the one that’s best suited to your needs. Or you can save yourself time by checking out Rise in Malibu first.

Rise in Malibu is a luxury recovery program offering private en-suite rooms and sweeping ocean views. Therapists work with patients to treat their addiction at its root. They take a dual diagnosis approach that simultaneously treats the dependency issue and its underlying cause ensuring long-term recovery.

The recovery journey is not an easy one to take. The individualized addiction treatment Rise in Malibu will ensure long-term success. Our caring reps are standing by to help you move on to an improved quality of life.

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