How to Know If Someone is Abusing Drugs

Drug abuse is a serious problem, but signs of drug addiction may not always be obvious. This is especially true in situations where someone may want to hide their addictions from friends, family members, and co-workers. When someone is truly addicted, they may also need to consistently use drugs just to function normally and avoid withdrawal symptoms. Statistics regarding current levels of drug use in the USA are alarming, and the condition is common enough that you probably know someone who is struggling with addiction. Overdoses from opiates are now so common in the USA that there are more deaths from painkillers each day than traffic accidents and guns combined. A person is usually considered to be addicted when their normal functioning is affected and their ability to complete normal daily tasks is either diminished or requires drug use. Most mental health professionals believe that drug use becomes a true addiction when these consequences become significant, rather than a specific amount of drugs that crosses a threshold into problems.

What are the Signs of Addiction?

While there are stereotypes of people acting erratically or saying ridiculous things while on drugs, the real signs of drug abuse can be much more subtle, especially if someone has learned to function normally and mask most of their symptoms. Many individuals who are addicted have learned how to hide or disappear at certain times when they need to use. Signs of drug abuse can include missing out on responsibilities such as school or work, neglecting family members, poor performance in the workplace or other areas, and spending more time alone as the need for drugs becomes a true dependency. Even prescription drugs can be abused if they are taken too frequently or a person seems to need them beyond the timeframe prescribed by a doctor. Other signs of drug abuse may include loss of interest in many activities, combined with physical symptoms such as shaking, bloodshot eyes, and difficulty keeping normal sleep patterns.

How Do I Help Someone Who is Abusing Drugs?

The best long term solution for someone who is addicted to drugs is to receive some kind of formal addiction treatment from professionals who deal with drug dependency and related behavioral issues. A rehabilitation program can get to the bottom of the psychological causes of drug use and give the most thorough analysis and steps to recovery. It is also important to realize that drugs affect the brain over time in various ways, which makes a simple decision to stop less of a real possibility without some kind of organized treatment and social support, or even other prescription drugs that are given in the short term to aid the process and reduce cravings. It is also a bad idea to wait until someone’s drug use has gotten so out of control that it is causing health and social problems because recovery and treatment can begin before an addiction becomes devastating.

How Rise in Malibu Can Help Your Addicted Loved One

After reading through some relevant information and confirming your suspicions, it may be time to help someone who is addicted. Rise in Malibu offers various addiction treatment and drug rehab programs. These occur in a luxury setting and positive environment near the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Rise has created a number of programs that have proven successful over the years in terms of getting people to stay away from drugs permanently and replace their addictions with constructive behaviors. Programs are designed with each individual’s needs in mind and protocols that are used in many different situations because they have proven to be effective. Rise even offers a unique Continue Rising Program, which can help those who have successfully overcome their addictions stay sober and successful long after leaving treatment. If someone you know would benefit from drug rehab programs, please contact Rise today.

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