How to Help Someone with a Drinking Problem?

Most of us know or have heard about someone with an alcohol problem. The trouble is figuring out what to do about it. Unless you’ve dealt with addiction yourself, you’re probably asking, how do you help someone with an alcohol problem? The truth is without rehab, it is difficult for anyone with an alcohol problem to get and stay clean and sober. If you want to know how to help someone with a drinking problem, the first step is to get them to admit they have a problem and need addiction treatment. 

At Rise in Malibu, we understand that getting someone help with an alcohol problem is difficult, but it is the only real way to break the cycle of addiction and relapse. To assist with getting your loved one the help they need with alcohol addiction. In this post, we are going to discuss the signs that someone you love may be an alcoholic, the long-term effects of alcoholism, how to help someone with a drinking problem, and how Rise in Malibu offers alcohol addiction treatment for your loved ones.

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What Are the Signs That a Loved One is an Alcoholic? 

Though each and every addiction is different, there are some common signs that someone is abusing alcohol. 

You may notice symptoms of drinking alcohol even if you don’t notice alcohol around. These symptoms include slurred speech, slowed reactions, mood changes, irritability, lowered inhibitions, vomiting, and blacking out. 

Besides obvious symptoms, you may also notice that they are becoming more and more fixated on alcohol or becoming disassociated with friends and family. They may start to neglect day-to-day responsibilities like taking care of children, going to work or school, or even their personal hygiene.

Eventually, you will see that they favor drinking or finding alcohol over doing things they once enjoyed and that alcohol has become the singular focus of their existence. Once this occurs, the person has become a full blown alcoholic.


What Are the Long Term Effects of Alcoholism? 

Continued alcohol use over a period of time can have devastating health effects. Besides the potential for legal and financial troubles, the harm that alcohol does to the body is often irreversible. 

Heart problems, kidney and liver disease, lung disease, organ failure, neurological disorders, and loss of mental clarity are all possible for someone who has been drinking for an extended period. 

Worse yet, alcohol is different from other drugs. The body can become so used to having alcohol in the system, that if a person stops drinking, the body may go into shock and the person can die, simply from being in withdrawal. This is because the body’s functions start to shut down without the alcohol, creating a sort of shock syndrome that long-time alcoholics go through when they stop drinking. 

This is one of the primary reasons why those with an alcohol addiction need treatment. Trying to quit cold turkey is always dangerous, but it can even be deadly for some. 


How to Help Someone With a Drinking Problem 

It is difficult to try and control someone who has a drinking problem. Trying to limit their intake of alcohol or withhold things from them will generally only make the problem worse. The way to help someone with an alcohol problem is to get them to realize the harm that drinking has caused. 

For some, this may mean holding an intervention with their loved ones to explain the damage that their drinking has caused to others. In other cases, they may realize it when their health or finances hit a certain point. Once the person has made that realization, it is possible to get them the help they need. 

Once a person agrees to get help, you can start searching for an alcohol addiction treatment facility near you that has personalized treatment services for someone with alcoholism. The important thing is getting them into treatment and get them on the road to recovery.


Rise In Malibu Offers Alcohol Addiction Treatment For Loved Ones 

Once you get your loved ones to agree to get treatment, you don’t have to spend a whole bunch of time trying to find them a place to go, you can come straight to us at Rise In Malibu. We have comprehensive addiction treatment programs for alcoholism that are designed around the individual and helping them understand and get over their addiction. 

Our inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment program in Malibu provides luxury accommodations and a unique approach to get people clean and sober. Not only that, once treatment is complete, we help clients continue rising with our aftercare services. 

Don’t let alcohol ruin your loved one’s life, contact us today!

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