How to Find Support Groups For Addiction in Southern California

Addiction can be a very isolating disease. Many recovering addicts can sometimes have a hard time finding people who share similar experiences as them. This lack of connection can make it difficult for many recovering addicts to find ongoing support, understanding, and hope to maintain a long-term life of sobriety.

Fortunately, various support groups for addiction in Southern California offer recovering addicts the chance to find support, connection, and encouragement with other members who share similar experiences as them when it comes to addiction. 

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What Are Addiction Recovery Support Groups?

Addiction recovery support groups help recovering addicts find additional support, guidance, and encouragement to overcome and maintain long-term sobriety. Essentially addiction recovery support groups provide a safe space for individuals to share their personal experiences and battles with addiction, learn from others and gain a greater understanding that they are not alone in their fight against addiction.

There are a wide variety of different addiction recovery support groups depending on your exact needs. Common examples of different groups for addiction recovery include:

  • 12-step support groups (i.e., AA)
  • SMART recovery
  • Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS)
  • Women For Sobreity (WFS)
  • Celebrate Recovery 

Benefits of Joining An Addiction Support Group

Attending an addiction support group offers recovering addicts a range of benefits, like:

  • Community: Addiction support groups offer an opportunity to connect and share similar experiences with others who have similar stories.
  • Understanding: It can be difficult for someone who doesn’t struggle with drug addiction to fully understand what you’re going through. At a support group, you’ll be surrounded by other recovering addicts who can understand and relate to your experiences.
  • Accountability: Addiction support groups offer long-term support and encouragement to maintain life-long sobriety.
  • Hope & Inspiration: Inevitably, members will be in different phases of their addiction recovery journey. This offers a sense of inspiration for those just beginning their recovery journey to look up to and seek encouragement from those who may be further along in their recovery journey.
  • Safe Space: Substance use support groups allow you to share your personal struggles with addiction without fear of judgment.

How to Find Support Groups For Addiction In Southern California

It’s important to find the right addiction recovery support group that best meets what you’re looking for in a support group. Therefore, before searching for a support group, be sure to have an idea of what you are looking for out of a support group as this will help you narrow down your search.

For example, are you looking for more of a traditional 12-step program? Or are you looking for more of a religious-focused support group? Or are you looking for a support group that doesn’t involve any aspect of spirituality or religion at all?

After you’ve narrowed down what you’re specifically looking for in a support group, simply research online different addiction recovery support groups in Southern California. You can also ask the staff at your treatment center if they could recommend any options for local support groups for addiction in Southern California.

Top-Rated Malibu Luxury Drug Rehab

Addiction recovery support groups offer a safe space for recovering addicts to connect and build a community with others who share similar experiences. As a recovering addict, it can sometimes be challenging to find people who understand what you’re going through and find encouragement and inspiration to maintain your sobriety without feeling isolated and alone. Several support groups for addiction in Southern California can help build this sense of community and support to help you maintain life-long sobriety. 

Rise in Malibu is a luxury drug and alcohol treatment facility committed to helping each and every client overcome their addiction and maintain long-term sobriety. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we are here to help! 

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