How to Choose the Best Malibu Detox Center

Detox is generally considered the first, and in most cases, the most essential step in addiction treatment. The detox process involves allowing the body time to cleanse itself of alcohol or drugs. Completing detox at an addiction treatment center ensures you are able to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms (some of which can be severe) that arise when you stop using your substance of choice. 

What Is a Malibu Detox Center?

At a Malibu detox center, highly trained medical and therapy staff will help you through the first stages of detox and withdrawal. The first few days, as your body rids itself of toxic substances, can be the most challenging for many. The first step in a medically assisted detox program is for you to have a complete medical assessment by the addiction treatment team to help create an accurate picture of your unique treatment needs. During your evaluation, our treatment team at Rise Malibu will talk to you about your medical history, your history with substances and addiction treatment, and your mental health history. Only after all of this information is gathered can we work with you to create a detox and addiction treatment program tailored specifically to your needs. 

Detoxing from alcohol, opioids (including prescription pain medications), and other drugs can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Your specific time will vary depending on your overall health, the severity of your addiction, the type (or number) of substances you use, the level of physical dependence, and various other factors. In some cases, your treatment team may decide that medically assisted detox may be the most beneficial for you. During medically assisted detox, medical staff will provide medications to help control and reduce the severity of some withdrawal symptoms. In such cases, medical staff will support and monitor you throughout the detox process to ensure your safety. Medically assisted detox and supervision are most common when detoxing from alcohol or opioids as withdrawal from these substances can sometimes lead to dangerous, potentially fatal medical emergencies. 

It is essential to understand that medical detox is only the first step in the treatment process. While important to your sobriety journey, withdrawal management and medical detox do not constitute comprehensive addiction treatment. To maximize your opportunity to attain long-term sobriety, our detox program at Rise in Malibu transitions into an addiction treatment program to continue your work towards recovery. 

Why You Should Go to Malibu to Detox from Drugs and Alcohol

Choosing to detox at home or without assistance can be dangerous. Detox programs like Rise in Malibu can help you quit substances while reducing the chances of potentially dangerous complications. Inpatient detox without 24-hour medical monitoring and supervision is the safest way to detox from most substances. At Rise in Malibu, we will work with you to create a medical treatment plan that encompasses medication, nutrition, emotional support, and therapeutic and alternative treatment models. As you move through detox, we will closely monitor your mental and physical health to ensure that the withdrawal process is completed with minimal discomfort. The detox process alone does not ensure ongoing recovery. Once detox is complete, we will help you transition into an addiction treatment program where you can learn the tools you need to preserve your newfound sobriety and face potential triggers with healthy skills. At Rise in Malibu, we understand the challenges you may face as you decide to seek addiction treatment. Detox and withdrawal, while not easy, are the first essential steps towards a life free of drugs and alcohol. Our Malibu detox can help you take those first steps in a supportive, compassionate environment. Don’t wait another day. Contact Rise in Malibu to learn more about our detox and addiction treatment services. 


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