How is Group Therapy Used in Rehab

Addiction can be a very isolating disease. While no two addicts are the same, many addicts may share similar experiences, especially when it comes to why or how they became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Sharing these similar experiences in a group setting allows addicts to build a sense of community and connection and form a sense of understanding that they are not alone when battling their drug addiction.

At Rise in Malibu, we are a luxury drug rehab in Malibu that offers a range of treatment options to treat the client’s mind, body, and spirit– not just their disease. Our compassionate staff is here to provide the necessary support and care to overcome your addiction and maintain long-term sobriety. If you or someone you know is battling addiction, contact us to discover how we can help you on your road to recovery.


What is Group Therapy

Group therapy is a type of treatment option that involves multiple patients (about 5-15 patients) and one or more healthcare providers. Group therapy can treat a variety of mental health disorders, from depression to PTSD, and more. Group therapy used in rehab can also treat addicts struggling with a substance abuse disorder.

Group therapy used in rehab is a common treatment option among many addiction treatment centers as it allows recovering addicts to build a sense of community and understanding that they are not alone in their battle against addiction. Plus, group therapy offers a sense of motivation for addicts early on in their recovery journey to feel motivated by other group members that may be further along in their recovery journey.


What Are the Types of Group Therapy

There are several different types of group therapy that each offer their own unique advantages depending on a patient’s exact needs and diagnosis. Different group therapy options include:

  • Psychoeducation Groups: Helps educate clients about their condition as well as teach them how to avoid bad, unhealthy behavior linked to their condition and create positive behavior.
  • Skills Development Groups: Focuses on providing patients with the specific coping methods and emotional control skills crucial to overcome their addiction and maintaining sobriety.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Groups: Helps change and alter clients’ behavior and beliefs to essentially change their negative thought patterns into positive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Support Groups: Helps further instill the new behaviors, skills, and beliefs they’ve learned to manage and support their symptoms in daily life to maintain sobriety.


How is Group Therapy Used in Rehab

Group therapy addiction treatment serves several purposes in a client’s recovery journey. First, group therapy used in rehab can help build a sense of community and understanding with a client in that they are not alone in battling addiction. 

Often, especially for addicts who were the only person in their family and friend group suffering from addiction, this can create a sense that they are alone and no one in their life could ever understand what they’re going through. Group therapy provides this sense of community and understanding that an addict may not otherwise have in their everyday life back home.

Next, group therapy in which there are clients of varying “levels” of their recovery journey, helps give hope and encouragement to addicts who may not be as further along in their recovery journey. This is because addicts just starting their recovery journey can gain motivation from addicts further along in their recovery journey.

Third, group therapy substance abuse treatment allows clients to be open, honest, and vulnerable about their experiences. Providing a safe space for clients to talk openly gives clients the chance to open up and accept their circumstances which is an essential part of the addiction recovery process.


How to Find Group Therapy Treatment 

You should never have to feel alone when trying to overcome your addiction. Although addiction can be a very debilitating and lonely disease, group therapy used in rehab offers addicts the opportunity to build a sense of connection and understanding that they are not alone in their fight against addiction. Group therapy addiction treatment builds a sense of trust and community for addicts to open up and be vulnerable, which not only helps build this sense of understanding but helps addicts in their own recovery journey through self-acceptance and transformation. 

Rise in Malibu offers group therapy treatment and a range of other treatment options to help clients safely and effectively overcome addiction. While overcoming addiction and maintaining sobriety is a life-long journey, being able to connect with a community of people who are going through similar circumstances in group therapy gives clients a sense of hope and acceptance in that they are not alone in their recovery journey. 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you break free of addiction and live a happier, healthier life. 

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