How is CBT Used in Drug Rehab?

Part of the struggle with addiction is that once a person becomes addicted, they develop a cycle of behaviors that is hard for them to break. People with addiction have behavioral changes that can make it difficult for them to seek help and connect with others. One of the hardest patterns to break for a person with a drug addiction is their pattern of drug-seeking behavior. This is made even more difficult by the fact that once a person is fully addicted, they put drug-seeking behavior ahead of everything else in their life, including their health and personal hygiene. 

For this reason, one of the primary focuses of treatment is breaking these habits. CBT drug rehab programs have become a standard in terms of helping people break the cycle of addiction and get clean. 

Rise in Malibu is a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Malibu that provides a wide array of treatment options for clients that are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. One of those treatment options is CBT. We believe in using every available resource to help clients get sober and stay that way. In this post, we are going to discuss CBT, what it is, how is CBT used in drug rehab, the benefits, and how we can help those with an addiction get on the path to recovery. No one should have to suffer with an addiction without getting the treatment they need. 


What is CBT? 

CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, a type of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying problem behaviors that a person exhibits and finding ways to retrain them to break those behavior habits. This can involve talk therapy, mindfulness exercises and other treatments aimed at developing new behavior patterns and coping mechanisms to deal with the effects of the negative behavior. 

CBT is used in a variety of different settings and has become a standard when it comes to helping people who have suffered negative consequences from a set of developed behaviors, including those with addictions. It’s important to stress that CBT is just one part of a full treatment plan that helps to address the other issues that go along with negative behavior patterns. 


How is CBT Used in Drug Rehab? 

CBT has become a staple of some drug rehab programs because of how it is able to help break the cycle of addiction.

CBT is primarily used to identify the behaviors that have led to a person’s addiction, the steps they go through to acquire drugs, and the possible causes behind these behaviors. Once the behavior patterns are identified as well as the causes for these behaviors, a therapist can then work with the person to correct these behaviors gradually over time. 

The first step is to make the person aware of their behavior and how it is negatively impacting them. Awareness is the first step to breaking the cycle. From there, the next step is to begin retraining a person to stop choosing these behaviors and start choosing healthy ones. It can be something as simple as switching from drinking alcohol to a healthy beverage. This replaces a negative behavior with a positive one. 


What Are the Benefits of CBT? 

CBT is one of the most impactful types of treatment for those with addiction because it benefits them in a number of ways. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy is beneficial because it helps retrain an addict out of their addictive behavior. While the substance a person is addicted to is the cause of the addiction, breaking the cycle of behavior is an important part of getting a person clean and keeping them that way. Identifying the problem behavior and then working to change it increases a person’s chances of maintaining long-term sobriety. 

CBT also improves a person’s self-awareness and helps them identify behaviors themselves that may be problematic. This also allows them to develop coping mechanisms in the future, which can help prevent relapses and promote healthy habits instead. 


Rise in Malibu Offers CBT For Substance Abuse Treatment

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, then chances are you could benefit from CBT for substance abuse. If that’s the case, then Rise in Malibu is the treatment center you need to help you get clean. 

Rise in Malibu is a luxury inpatient treatment facility for addiction treatment where we offer a wide range of treatment options, including CBT. We offer programs that are customized to the client so that they have the help they need for their unique addiction. From detox to aftercare, we are there to support the recovery process for the long term and help those with an addiction find lifelong sobriety. 

If you need addiction treatment in the Malibu area, contact us today.

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