Cigna Alcohol Rehab Centers

Cigna insurance has customer and provider relationships around the world. Cigna is one of many insurance providers who have altered their benefit plans to ensure addiction treatment coverage is available to those in need. Cigna offers several different benefit plan levels, and therefore, it can be confusing to determine how much coverage you have towards addiction treatment. The admissions team at Rise in Malibu can work with your Cigna Insurance to help you learn more about your coverage and treatment options. 

Does Insurance Pay for Rehab?

Yes, your Cigna insurance policy will pay for drug rehab. Cigna, like many insurance providers, offers various levels of healthcare coverage. Depending on your chosen coverage level, your benefit plan may cover some of all of the costs related to addiction treatment, including detox services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and ongoing addiction treatment counseling. To help its customers better understand how insurance and addiction treatment work together, Cigna has created a specific division within the company called the Cigna Behavioral Health Division.  This selection of support services includes articles, tools, podcasts, and other services for individuals and family members of those struggling with addiction to learn more about the disease and addiction treatment options. 

Your benefit coverage levels for addiction treatment will vary according to your unique Cigna plan. For example, if you have a bronze plan, you will generally have lower monthly premiums; however, your out-of-pocket treatment cost and annual deductibles will be higher than those of someone who has a gold or platinum plan. Other important factors in determining how much your Cigna plan will cover towards addiction treatment are where you live, the type of treatment you receive, and whether the provider is considered in or out of network. While not the case for all plans, in-network providers often afford the highest coverage levels when compared to the out-of-pocket expenses often associated with out of network addiction treatment facilities. 

Cigna benefits cover both inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehab services. Some of the services covered at the inpatient level include detox, addiction treatment, and partial hospitalization treatment services. At the outpatient level, your Cigna plan typically covers individual, group, and family counseling, intensive outpatient treatment services, detox medication management, and anti-craving medications. Most rehabs that take Cigna treat nearly any substance use disorder, including alcohol, prescription opioids, heroin, cocaine, and other substances. 

Why You Should Go to Rise in Malibu for Rehab

The best way to determine your level of coverage and better understand how your Cigna policy can help pay for the cost of addiction treatment is to contact Cigna directly or reach out to the admissions team at Rise in Malibu. Our compassionate, experienced staff can work with you and your insurance to ensure you understand any out-of-pocket financial obligations that may arise from addiction treatment before committing to a stay in our luxury Malibu rehab.

Your Cigna insurance policy may entirely or partially cover addiction treatment at Rise. At Rise in Malibu, you will receive comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment, including detox and drug and alcohol rehab services. Our treatment staff ensures you are supported throughout the full continuum of care, from early recovery and medically assisted detox services to aftercare and continued addiction treatment therapy. 

Our inpatient addiction treatment center in Malibu offers therapy models such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, long shown to be highly effective across all areas of treatment. We also offer a wide variety of alternative treatment options, including yoga therapy, music therapy, meditation, and other alternative treatment approaches that, when used in conjunction with traditional, evidence-based therapies, provide a holistic treatment approach unlike any other. If you are ready to begin your journey towards a life free from addiction, contact our team at Rise in Malibu today. Let us help you take those first steps on your sobriety journey. 

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