Benefits to Getting Sober in Southern California

Depending on where you currently reside, Rise in Malibu totally understands the geographical factor when considering getting sober in California. If you live in the East Coast or in the Midwest, the thought of getting treatment at a local facility might seem to be more appealing to you. We get it, being in your comfort zone and being near your loved ones and friends are important to all of us. However, being in a familiar environment and around the same social circle increases the possibility of relapse tremendously; therefore, attending a Southern California rehab is recommended, so look at this as a fresh start!

Southern California – an Ideal Get-Away Destination

Southern California is known for its mild, Mediterranean-like climate where it is not briskly cold in the winter and the summer is warm and dry, but not too excruciatingly hot so that being outside is always enjoyable. You might come back after a month with a nice, healthy tan that makes everyone envious. Not to mention the breathtakingly beautiful scenery! The area is also known for its lovely white beaches where it is home of the surfing and skateboarding culture. With that being said, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to get involved in, or if you are more inclined to relaxing on the beach, grab a book and find a favorite spot in the sand. Nevertheless, Southern California is not only famous for their white sandy beaches, but also for their mesmerizing inland desert. Don’t forget that it is right at the border of Arizona, where numerous famous state parks and trails are located. 

Beautiful weather and scenic views are, without a doubt, very pleasant, but let’s not forget to mention how beneficial it is for your mental health. The journey to sobriety is already challenging as it is, having the best possible environment for your mental health is crucial. Seasonal depression is a real thing, and it affects numerous people who live in areas where it is cold, dark, and gloomy during the winter months. At a Southern California rehab, you don’t have to worry about that cold, dark, and gloomy weather!


The Center of Cultural Exhibition and Diversity 

Metropolitan areas of Southern California are known for its diversity and cultural abundance. Museums, art exhibitions, gallery, concerts, the list goes on. There are so many activities out there for you to enjoy, so get involved without getting triggered. It is never too late to start learning something or pick up a new hobby. The life goal is to experience fulfillment, and where is a better place to be than a place like California where the opportunities for exploring are endless. You might even create lifelong connections and unforgettable memories here.


Follow Your Calling!

When is a better time than now to follow that passion/calling you’ve always had? Whether you want to advance on the job you’ve had prior to treatment or you decide to start from scratch on a brand-new career, this is the time! At this point, if you haven’t been convinced as to why you should go to a rehab center in Southern California, think about the endless opportunities for your career. Southern California is known for its diverse industry. The region is heavily dependent on petroleum, as opposed to other parts of the country, due to the huge majority of transportation that runs on this type of fuel. In addition to that, entertainment and tourism play a huge role in California’s economy. Other industries are technology/software, biomedical, finance, and automotive. The opportunities are endless. Not to mention the great varieties of colleges and vocational schools that the area has to offer. 


Southern California Rehab

Maybe there is a home, family, friends, and loved ones that you are coming back to after you are finished with the program, or maybe you decide that this is the fresh start you need by going to a rehab center in Southern California. 

We understand choosing the right treatment facility at the right location can be overwhelming. That’s why Rise in Malibu is here to help. The journey to recovery can get hard, but that’s why we want you informed as much as possible in order to make the best decision for yourself. We are here with the tools and resources, so just reach out to one of us to have your questions answered. We are here for you. Let’s look at this as a mini-vacation, and if you happen to turn this vacation into a lifelong commitment, I know your friends would thank you for the opportunities to be able to come and visit! If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us today. 

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