Benefits of Executive Rehab Centers

Executive rehab programs are designed to enable individuals with professional jobs to keep up with their active work obligations while being treated for addiction to drugs, certain behaviors, or alcohol. These programs provide the person who is being treated the ability to have access to work materials and even have the ability to interact with clients on a need-be basis. As a result, individuals who matriculate to executive rehab programs can maintain work duties and business relationships while being treated.

Key Differences

Executive rehab programs differentiated from traditional rehab centers in several ways. For those who are enrolled, they will have access to computers, exercise facilities, as well as additional amenities that will augment their experience. These amenities re-create a spa-like atmosphere.

Executive rehab programs showcase the true essence of individualized treatment. Individualized treatment at executive rehab centers is the antidote to the one-size-fits-all methods of other rehab centers. While there are benefits and advantages associated with traditional methods of mitigating drug use like 12 step meetings, they are often seen as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Authentic individualized treatment at an executive rehab center will offer a more individualized approach. Individuals in this sort of set up will have direct access to a litany of specialists and therapists who are intimate with the details of their addictions and compulsions.

Benefits of Executive Rehab

Executive rehab centers can provide partial hospitalization, residential, or even outpatient treatment. Those who enroll in an executive rehab center will have access to medical detox treatments, therapy, peer support groups, and post-treatment support.

One of the main differentiators between an executive rehab center and conventional centers are the type of amenities that you will have access to. On top of the comprehensive treatment, patients will have access to a comfortable environment and amenities that will help them feel at ease.

Typically executive rehab centers have amenities like furnished private rooms, catered meals, exercise facilities on the premises, access to working computers and telephones, as well as heightened privacy. Depending on the course of treatments, executive rehab centers may also provide treatment that enables the individual to attend meetings or even travel on a limited basis. The key benefits of executive rehab programs are that they are designed around the person who is being treated, providing a plan for recovery while respecting professional commitments.

Another benefit of executive rehab programs is that you will always be treated confidentially — information on treatment and how it is being administered cannot be released without explicit client permission.  Executive programs can provide those being treated with secluded atmosphere away from the spotlight, ensuring that their reputation and business contacts stay intact while enrolled. Keep in mind that in the case of outpatient care, discretion will still be given while ensuring a layer of normalcy.

While typically more expensive then traditional rehab centers, it is offset by the fact that the societal costs of substance abuse are estimated to be north of $700 billion annually in the form of lost workplace production, legal expenses, and healthcare costs. There is also the personal cost and the way that addiction disrupts familial and professional ties. Executive rehab centers offer a high level of privacy and the quality of care. Each person will be offered the right level of variable care, detailed assessments, and professional evaluations before admission to ensure that therapists and health providers can determine the optimal level of care for each patient.

Is executive rehab right for you? You do not have to endure the ills of addiction alone. To determine if executive or rehab is the proper solution for you, it’s important to obtain professional advice. Get an independent assessment of your treatment needs by a professional who specializes in substance abuse. Professionals like a physician, a licensed psychologist or clinical social worker, or an addiction counselor can offer the right level of assessment to ensure your proper placement in a rehab center.

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