7 Tips For a Successful Drug Intervention

It can be extremely difficult watching someone you love fall victim to the chains of addiction. All you want to do is help them overcome addition; however, that’s easier said than done. Although you are not solely responsible for helping your loved one quit all on your own, you can help your loved one seek professional addiction treatment by running a successful drug intervention. 

A drug intervention is when you intentionally schedule a time to sit down with your loved one struggling with addiction, discuss your concerns, and encourage them to seek treatment at a professional addiction treatment center. Essentially, a drug intervention is a safe and productive time to voice your concerns to your loved one and show your support in urging them to seek treatment. In this article, you’ll learn more about tips on how to have a successful drug intervention, what are drug intervention programs and drug interventionists, and so much more. 

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  • Make A Plan and Schedule A Meeting

The first step towards having a successful drug intervention is having a plan, scheduling a specific time to hold the intervention, and sticking with your plan. The last thing you want to do is just “wing it” and randomly voice your concerns to your loved one seemingly out of the blue. 

Therefore, be sure to set a specific time and a quiet, safe space to talk with your loved one struggling with addiction. Also, invite any close family members or friends to the drug intervention that can further benefit the intervention. You should also set a specific time for this drug intervention. 

  • Do Your Research

Before the intervention, it’s essential you research addiction and different addiction treatment centers in your area that can help your loved one. By in general learning more about addiction, specifically the substance you believe your loved one is addicted to, you’ll be able to grow a greater understanding of addiction and what they are going through.

Next, by researching addiction treatment centers, you’ll be able to point to different treatment centers you’ve researched during the intervention if your loved one decides to seek help.

  • Decide On Specific Consequences Before The Intervention

It’s essential to also set boundaries during the drug intervention and cut off any enabling behavior that may be enabling your loved one’s drug addiction. This could vary depending on your dynamic with your loved one. For example, you can set a boundary that you will no longer give money to your loved one to fuel their addiction, and that they’ll need to find and hold a job to keep living in your home.  

  • Be Understanding & Positive During The Intervention

Come into the drug intervention with a positive and understanding mindset, not with a judgemental or accusatory tone. It’s important to stress your concern but do so in a non-judgmental way. Otherwise, you risk pushing your loved one away and jeopardizing your objective of getting them the professional help they need to maintain long-term sobriety. 

  • Be Prepared For The Best, Or Worse

While the best case scenario after the drug intervention is for your loved one to accept help and seek professional treatment, be aware that they could deny treatment. If this is the case, stick with the boundaries you set for yourself and your loved one, and eliminate any enabling behavior.

  • Consider Help From A Professional Interventionist

Professional drug interventionists are people who specialize in helping people through the drug intervention process. A drug intervention specialist not only educates the family more about substance abuse and how to run an intervention, but they support your family during the drug intervention process. Therefore, consider having a professional interventionist who can set the stage and further help your loved one seek treatment.

  • Follow Up & Provide Ongoing Support

If your loved one decides to seek addiction treatment at the end of the drug intervention, be sure to provide help and continued support for them as they find and select a drug rehab. And, as they go through the addiction treatment process.

Start Your Recovery Journey Today

It can be difficult watching your loved one fall victim to the chains of addiction. However, a successful drug intervention can encourage your loved one to seek addiction treatment and begin their recovery journey toward a healthier, happier life.

At Rise in Malibu, our team of compassionate, experienced addiction specialists is here to help you every step of the way on your recovery journey. We offer a range of drug and alcohol treatment services so you can receive the exact care to best overcome your addiction.

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