How a Luxury Rehab Can Benefit You More

 What Do Luxury Rehab Facilities Offer?

You are a California resident and do not live far from Malibu. You are proud to have made a firm declaration that you are addicted to a substance and furthermore decided that you need help. But, where to go and what to do is the next big question?

Addiction centers offer the same programs for detox. However, some high-end facilities offer a bit more comfortable amenities to help the addicted through detox. Living in a luxury rehab center provides more wonderful amenities to make patients comfortable, relaxed, and cozy.

If you are addicted and devoted to become clean and follow a healthy lifestyle and you can live your life to the fullest, seek out a luxury rehab center such as Rise in Malibu a new five-star luxury rehab facility near the cliffs of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Not only is Rise in Malibu all about the luxuries in life, but this facility is also brand new and well worth a tour and serious consideration.

Q.  Are There Differences in Luxury Rehab Facilities?

The answer is,

A.  Absolutely 

It is always fun to be one of the first to stay in a new and untouched rehab facility.

However, how does this facility differ from another not so luxurious? 

Do Luxury Rehab Centers Offer More Amenities?

One thing that all rehab facilities have in common is helping patients beat their addiction, increasing quality of life, assistance after rehab, and transitioning the person to a more productive life, for the rest of their life. Many award-winning rehab facilities are not considered luxury and report a high rate of successfully helping patients beat addiction for life.

However, luxury rehab facilities may offer patients more spacious private or semi-private rooms that are decorated and furnished with the best.

Patients who say they want outpatient treatment seriously reconsider inpatient options when they see what they are missing at Rise in Malibu. The good part is that inpatient rehab has a much higher rate of success.

A luxury rehab facility such as Rise in Malibu provides more luxurious activities and individualized treatment programming that includes the following benefits. You meet with your family or on an individual basis three times a week lead by your counselor. Your case manager meets with you at least twice a week.

Our doctors look at dual diagnoses deeply and treatment is initiated by our in-house psychiatrist. A secondary diagnosis such as bipolar, depression, or anxiety may be a secondary, underlying issue leading to your addiction. You have scheduled weekly meetings with our MD who specialists in internal medicine and is an expert in addictions.You meet in weekly sessions with your drug and alcohol counselor.

We discovered long ago that natural remedies, treatments, and practices are far more effective and less dangerous than traditional medicine, offering little to no medication side effects. Natural pathways include a few of the following.

  • Massage Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise Classes
  • Training sessions
  • Fresh ocean air
  • A beautiful, inspiring environment of the Pacific Ocean
  • Outside activities with your activity counselor such as, but not limited to, ocean activities, invigorating hikes, equine therapy, rope courses, wildlife experiences.
  • Our facility offers topics of interest in group therapy. A few examples are family dynamics, relapse prevention, anger management, stress management, men’s issues, women’s issues, learning healthy communication, how to eliminate conflicts.
  • Transitioning into the community after rehab includes an introduction to AA, Step Study meetings, SMART Recovery meetings.
  • Transformative treatment programs
  • Offer Continue Rising Aftercare Plan to enhance long-term recovery
  • Offer a combination of traditional medicine with holistic and natural treatments.

All the extra amenities found in a luxury rehab facility like Rise in Malibu only make a difficult stay more comfortable, secure, fun, and enjoyable during a difficult detox.

The Stigma of Rehab Facilities

There is a stigma of rehab facilities of being a place that no one wants to go. Luxury rehab facilities such as Rise in Malibu are full-service and luxury with high rates of success in long-term abstinence from addiction.

Get Help at Our Malibu Luxury Rehab Center

Addiction to alcohol or drugs causes sickening side effects if you decide to Just quit the substance. You need to check into a rehab facility and seek medical help. Trying to go cold turkey is a dangerous decision that could end badly. Going cold turkey is never a heroic step towards being substance-free. This decision is highly risky and can cause you many more problems. We cannot help you until you make that first call to us at 1-866-229-5267. Access our website for more information and pictures of our amazing facility. Rise in Malibu is located at,

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