A Guide to Your First Year in Recovery

The first year of sobriety is very tough.  Most relapses happen during this time frame so it is very important to go into this phase with a game plan.  Just keep in mind that everyone is [...]

What is Mindfulness & How Can It Help Addiction

Substance abuse can be a debilitating experience for both the abuser and those who love them. When there is a desire to stop abusing a substance, finding methods to deal with urges becomes [...]

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How to Talk to Your Employer About Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and the workplace is an important issue. One of the most common excuses for employees who are addicted to alcohol and drugs is fearing to lose a job and ruining a career. There [...]

How to Get Sober & Stay Sober

Drugs and alcohol are widely abuse today. It’s a rising problem and many are acting trying to go through addiction recovery. Addiction is a challenging problem and has far-reaching impacts [...]

How to Know If Someone is Abusing Drugs

Drug abuse is a serious problem, but signs of drug addiction may not always be obvious. This is especially true in situations where someone may want to hide their addictions from friends, family [...]

7 Times TV & Film Accurately Depicted Addiction

The widespread and devastating nature of addiction is a social disease that has been approached in various unrealistic ways by the entertainment media and television. However, there are some [...]

What is Evidence-Based Treatment for Addiction?

Many of us know someone or have family who struggles with alcoholism or some other form of addiction. Often times it is the family seeking out the proper care for these individuals when they will [...]

Can I Quit Drinking Alcohol Cold Turkey?

If you are thinking of trying to quit drinking cold turkey, you may want to learn more about the effects of alcohol addiction and withdrawal first. While you may be able to stop drinking on your [...]

Which Recovery Support Group is Right for Me?

Many people who are in the process of recovery will find that support groups are helpful during this difficult time. The fellowship of being with others who are going through the same process can [...]

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